Why worry so much?

March 31st, 2011

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Do not anticipate trouble or worry about what may never happen. Keep in the sunlight.”

Why do we spend so much time worrying? Why do we let the small troubles of everyday life get the best of us?

Letting worries control our minds can be dangerous. Often worries paralyze us. They hold us back. Worries can hold us down, keep us from doing what we want to do and keep us from our goals.

Letting go of all worries is unrealistic. It’s just not possible to have no worries. A little worry keeps us on our toes, but too much worry keeps us from moving forward.

The important part of worrying is being able to stop our small worries from turning into overwhelming thoughts and fears.

I have to admit that I tend to worry a bit too much. I’m a perfectionist, and unfortunately that makes me sort of a worry-wart.

I have been looking for ways to be more worry-free. While searching for a remedy, I discovered a website called PositivityBlog that provides helpful tips to fret less.

One tip that PositivityBlog provides is, “Remember that 80-90 percent of what you fear will happen never really comes into reality.” Many of our personal fears are just mental monsters, or worries in our minds that take control of our thoughts. “If you remind yourself of how little of what you feared throughout your life that has actually happened you can start to release more and more of that worry from your thoughts.”

A second tip is, “Accept that you cannot control everything in your life.” Controlling everything is just not possible, but making realistic expectations for ourselves can increase a feeling of control. If we set unrealistic expectations, we are only setting ourselves up for further feelings of negativity. It is important to accept that we cannot be in control of everything in our lives, and if we do this, we can have more inner peace and less inner turmoil.

A third piece of advice is, “Find out what you are really worrying about.” We need to figure out the roots of our worries. We might know that we are worrying about a certain aspect of our lives, but what is more important is to figure out why it is happening. According to the blog, we ought to “try to find what you are really worried about deep down and start working on that. Instead, trying to overcome or accept a worry that has no real root or cause.” We need to sit down and think about the cause of the worry, instead of letting it bully our brains.

A fourth tip from the blog is, “Talk about it.” Talking about a worry that is causing us stress with someone who we are close to can be very therapeutic. It allows us to release the stress and view the worry in a new light. The negative thoughts that can easily overtake our minds can cause more irrational fears and worries. Talking with another person can help to bring these irrationalities to a realistic level.

It can also be helpful to utilize a journal to express worries. I have found that if I write down a worry on paper then cross it out, I feel like I am letting go of the fear. “Just letting it all out in some form can help you to release that pent up inner pressure and assist you in finding a new perspective and solutions.”

These are all ways to help us better spend our time. Why waste so much time worrying? I would rather spend my time more worry-free, so I can enjoy my life to the fullest.