That came quicker than expected

March 31st, 2011

A group of wise men once said, “[We’re] sick and tired of hearin’ all these people talk about, ‘What’s the deal with this pop life and when is it gonna fade out?’ Then you got to realize what we [sic] doin’ is not a trend, we [sic] got the gift of melody, we [sic] gonna bring it ‘til the end.”

Those wise men were a pop music phenomenon known as *NSync. They haven’t recorded together in years, so much for bringing it ‘til the end.

For being a seemingly indestructible force of styled hair, slick choreography, and well-placed falsettos, the fact that it’s been nearly a decade since they released anything new scares me at how fickle success can be. Except for Justin Timberlake, he’s been fine on his own (confession: my picture is actually inspired by his “Sexyback” phase).

It’s too bad Nelly Furtado waited until 2006 to tell the world that all good things come to an end, maybe the boy band era would have fallen off more gracefully. Then again, maybe not. It probably wouldn’t have helped me as I tend to ignore that kind of advice. I only know one way to do things and that’s the hard way.

I used to think I’d never fade out. In fact, during my sophomore year I went so far as to tell a fellow CN staff member that I could easily write this column every issue until graduation. She told me I would run out of topics by then, and some of you might agree with her. Producing witty repartee on such a constant basis isn’t easy. There’s a reason Jim Carrey went six years between “Liar Liar” and “Bruce Almighty.”

Despite not always having an award-winning column by deadline night, sharing my eccentric ideas and trying to make an audience laugh has definitely been my favorite part of being on staff. I wouldn’t take any of my columns back. Not a single one.

While my column has definitely been the most fun part, the longer I spent in the newsroom the more I ended up invested in the overall product. It’s harder to be a part of the award-winning Carroll News than we make it look. Sometimes we spend up to 15 minutes discussing an idea for “Name That Toon!”

Joking aside, I think over the last four years I learned more within the newsroom than outside of it. That’s not meant to be an insult to the rest of the University, rather it’s my way of recognizing all of the opportunities The CN has afforded me.

That last statement can be applied to most things I got involved with at JCU. I’m not sure I’d ever advise someone to follow my blueprint because it made me spend far too much time feeling overwhelmed, but I can’t imagine the last four years without all of those activities, responsibilities, late nights, early mornings, slept-through alarms, stress fractures, PRs, backsells, frontsells, 3 a.m. text sessions, etc. They were all worth it. (I think.)

In some sense everything in life is ephemeral (see I can use big words and get philosophical too), so I can’t claim ignorance. I knew I’d have to pass a torch or two eventually, and like the YouTube parody of The Juggernaut said, “Oh, it’s time baby!”

I haven’t taken an issue off since early 2008, so I’m owed some vacation time. I’m not sure how I’m going to spend that time but I’m thinking lots of poetry and pina coladas (well, Four Lokos actually, I just wanted to use alliteration).

By the way, I tossed in at least three and a half “that’s what she said” jokes for you clowns who still misread the title. Is that enough?