Spring Concert gets ‘some more’ attendance

March 31st, 2011

Attendance at this year’s Spring Concert was more than double that of last year’s concert. The concert, which was held Saturday, March 26 in the DeCarlo Varsity Center, featured Neon Trees and Minus the Bear.

According to SUPB Major Events Coordinator Meghan Everett, a minimum of 1,100 people attended this year’s concert compared to approximately 400 attendees at last year’s concert, which featured Chamillionaire and Sean Kingston.

One possible reason for the increased attendance was that the concert was free to all JCU students with a valid University identification card.

Spring Concert Co-Chair Erin Flaherty said it was originally a goal of the committee to make the concert more economically accessible to students.

“When we were informed that it was allowable within SUPB’s budget to make the concert free to students, of course we were excited at the opportunity,” she said.

The total budget had not been spent, and therefore, the concert was made free to all JCU students with valid IDs.

Students that already purchased tickets before the announcement was made were given a voucher in exchange for their ticket at the door. They could exchange that voucher for their money back between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. the following Monday in the offices of Campus Safety Services. The vouchers were only accepted for one day because it was deemed unsafe to have people sitting with a large amount of money for multiple days.

According to Everett, both Kappa Kappa Gamma and Gamma Phi Beta had events during the concert. Flaherty said the committee has no control over when other organizations plan their events.

“We blocked off four possible dates for the concert last spring,” said Flaherty. “It is unfortunate that other organizations should schedule dances and club activities on top of the concert, but we work around the availability of the Varsity Gym.”

Kappa Kappa Gamma member Becca Magyar said that had the Spring Concert not been the same day as the sorority’s formal, she would have attended.

“Because it was free, yes,” she said.

Li’l Sibs Weekend, sponsored by the Residence Hall Association, was also taking place on campus. Freshman Lauren Laughlin would have gone to the concert had her siblings not been visiting.

“I had my three and five year-old siblings and the concert was past their bedtime,” she said.

Flaherty said that the variety in artists the committee picks for each year’s concert seems to please concertgoers.

“The campus seems to respond well when we vary the artist selection year to year, so the mood and energy seemed to be very high and responsive when the concert was announced,” she said.

Junior Carrie Vollentine said she was a little disappointed when the band choices for the concert were announced.

“I had heard of Minus the Bear, so I was kind of excited,” she said.

Vollentine had not bought a ticket before the announcement that admission would be free for students with valid University IDs.

“I don’t think I would have gone had I had to purchase a ticket,” she said.

At the concert, she was disappointed with Minus the Bear’s performance, but “Neon Trees made up for that.”

“Their performance quality was so much more lively,” Vollentine said.