Dorm life is not for me

March 3rd, 2011

When I invest in something, I want to know that I am getting my money’s worth. I want to be assured that all of the money invested is worth the expense.

There is currently one expense in my life that I do not feel is worth the investment.

This happens to be living in the dorms. In my opinion, living in the dorms is not a fun experience.

Living in a small room, barely big enough to fit enough of my belongings, with white brick walls and bare furniture, is just not my cup of tea.

Even with a tye-dye curtain, pictures covering my walls, and a brightly colored comforter on my bed, the room still has a rather depressing tone.

I like my personal space, and living with another person and all of their belongings in such a small space is just not my favorite way to live.

I have a pretty nice sized bed at my parents’ house, so I really wish I didn’t have to sleep in a twin bed when I am at school. Especially since I know that so many people have slept on the same mattress before me.

Though the small, bland dorm room is bad enough, the worst part of dorm life is the community bathrooms.

The thought of having to share shower stalls with a bunch of other people I don’t really know makes me cringe. I can’t wait for the day when I won’t have to wear shower shoes due to fear that I will catch a nasty foot disease from somebody else.

I always clean up after myself. I don’t leave hair on the walls of the shower; but some people feel the need to leave their hair plastered to the shower tiles. This is not even as bad as the hair that people leave in the sinks on a daily basis. This makes it quite the miserable experience when brushing my teeth.

Such a small, plain, jail-cell-looking room, packed with too much stuff and another person, along with having to use a gross community bathroom, is most definitely not worth the expense. With the increase in tuition next year, the price of room and board at JCU will be over $9,000. In my opinion, this lifestyle is not worth nearly that much money.

In addition to my disdain for living in a dorm room and using community bathrooms, there is another investment that I do not feel is worth the expense: eating in the cafeteria.

Lately there has been a significant problem with the dishes available for use in the cafeteria. The majority of them are still dirty, even after being washed.

Last week I was trying to find a clean glass to fill with water, and must have gone through ten glasses searching for one without bits of food still stuck to it.

The same goes for the plates and bowls. I have to search for clean dishes anytime I want to put some food on my plate. Even if it looks clean, it most likely isn’t because you can still feel the grime that is stuck to it.

I am not the only person who feels this way. I see people every time I go to the cafeteria who are searching through plates, bowls and glasses trying to find one that is clean enough to use.

This is extremely frustrating to me because a meal plan is far too expensive to eat off of dishes that are dirty. I want to know that all of the money I am spending is worth the cost. I want to eat meals on clean dishes!

I don’t want to deter people who enjoy living the dorm lifestyle. I am sure some people like sharing a small room with another person, and sharing a bathroom with floormates, but it is just not for me.