Charlie’s definitely off his rocker

March 3rd, 2011

I was going to write this column about why I like news and knowing what is happening around me, but then news happened.

I’m sure most people have heard by this point about Charlie Sheen’s recent lunacy and slight break from reality. Yep, after being basically fired by CBS and having the 10th season of his hit TV show “Two and a Half Men” canceled, Charlie Sheen did what any sane-minded, reasonable individual who has recently been embroiled in scandal involving both drugs and hookers (America’s favorite kind of  scandal) would do – he went on the talk show circuit.

This week he’s done interviews with the “Today Show,” “Good Morning America” and “Piers Morgan Tonight.”

Listening to him talk to these journalists was, in a word, interesting. A couple of other words I would throw out there to describe the interviews include confusing, disturbing and hilarious.

Sheen declared he wasn’t on drugs during the interviews. My intial thought: yeah, right.

However, Charlie voluntarily opened the results of his drug test on camera, and they revealed a negative test result.

Don’t get me wrong here, but I was seriously concerned by the fact that Charlie was apparently clean. At least  if he were on drugs it would explain his behavior.

Although drugs are certainly bad (and illegal), I think I was more concerned by the fact that good old Charlie was clean at that moment because he sounded absolutely high.

Among his declarations were the assertion that he had “tiger blood” and that he was a “winner.”

Charlie also stated, “I’m tired of pretending I’m not special.” He made the statement in regards to his demand for CBS to raise his per episode salary to $3 million once he returns to “Two and a Half Men.”

In all of these interviews he sounds like a raging lunatic, but he maintains that he’s happy with his life right now (other than his apparent unhappiness with CBS, who he claims wished they had his life).

Based on my vast experience in  psychology (I’m being facetious), I would say Charlie needs some serious help.

However, his delusional attitude is only fueled by the fact that shows compete for the exclusive interview with him, and there’s no doubt that all of the major networks did so. The news media that I love and want to be a part of is not helping this man so clearly in need of help.

And why would they? They are competing for viewers and thus must give us viewers what we want. We love watching these celebrities fall to pieces.

We continuously follow the on-going drama that surrounds Lindsay Lohan’s addictions, jail stints and court dates. We devoured the stories about Tiger Woods’ many, many affairs and loss of sponsorships. We took in every word of Mel Gibson’s myriad of ridiculous rants. We followed the mental breakdown of pop star Britney Spears. We seem to revel in other people’s demise.

I thought Lady Gaga said it really well in her “60 Minutes” interview with Anderson Cooper.

He was asking about the performance when she acted out her bloody death on stage at the MTV Music Awards. She simply said that people want the drama. They want to see what she’ll look like when she overdoses on drugs she’s supposedly using or when she falls on stages. “Everyone wants to see the decay of the superstar,” she said.

“Isn’t that the age we live in? We want to see people who have it all lose it all.”

Instead of continuing to propel Charlie Sheen’s behavior, the media and the people around him should encourage him to seek help.

It is not likely that anyone will do this, however. Why? To put it simply we love the drama.