The curious case of Mischa Barton

February 24th, 2011

Poor Mischa Barton.  The fallen star of Fox’s epic failure “The O.C.” Known by Perez Hilton afficionado’s as “Mischa Farton,” the actress has taken, in recent years, what some may call a dramatic downward spiral.  A spiral strikingly similar to the path the truck took down the side of a mountain in the season finale of “The O.C.,” killing the poor-little-rich-girl character she played.

While using “curious” may not exactly be the perfect way to describe Barton’s present predicament, I thought it was somewhat fitting.  “Serious Case” or just plain old “Basket Case” would have been more appropriate.

Honestly though, I cannot hate on the girl, although she has her own mug shot to go with her DUI. In addition, “The O.C.” star made a public statement star explaining  how she entered into a psychiatric hospital last year, and got into a fight with a nurse that led to her 5150 (an involuntary psychiatric hold).

Yet despite her run-ins with the law and the mental hospital, the paparazzi have gone crazy over her weight in the past year, taking snapshots of anything and everything they can tag as cellulite. It’s saddening to mention how many times they noted her “fat” thighs. Every tabloid and issue of Us Weekly magazine  seems to have covered it.

I’m not going to leave out Perez Hilton either. Anyone who goes on Hilton’s webpage enough knows that the “Queen of All Media” rips on her every chance he gets.  In one of his more recent posts, Hilton posted a picture of Barton from behind, indicating, “What you are seeing here is Mushy and her squishy tushy.”  First reading this, it doesn’t sound that malicious, but Hilton continues with a nasty remark.  “She has nothing left to lose — except maybe some a** fat!”

Why not just give the poor girl a break?

How sad is it that I type in “Mischa Barton” into my Google Search and one of my first five choices is “Mischa Barton fat?” Or the fact that her ex-boyfriend (Brandon Davis, grandson of oil tycoon Marvin Davis) called her a heifer.

Yes, it’s a serious case that she may be a basket case at the moment.  But it’s as clear as all the Absolut Vodka that her “O.C.” character Marissa Cooper drank that Barton is the way she is because of the pressure.  Hollywood attacks her because she no longer looks like a skeleton, but now resembles a “Michelin” woman? Give me a break. I’m surprised Perez Hilton wasn’t clever enough to use Michelin Mischa.

Sure she’s not the best actress, but she can model just as well as any of those Victoria’s Secret Angels (Unfortunately, she just needs to become anorexic again to prove it).

I still don’t understand why she takes some of the roles she does.  Playing the student who has an affair with her teacher in “The Oh in Ohio” isn’t necessarily something great to put on your filmography list. As strange as Mischa Barton may be, I do feel bad for the bad rep she’s acquired because of her weight.  If she tries not to look like a basket case from now on (think Marissa Cooper, minus the drugs and alcohol), she should be in the clear.