Recyclemania at JCU

February 24th, 2011

John Carroll University has joined Recyclemania, a national  competition to promote recyling on campus.

Recyclemania is a competition between participating colleges and universities in which these schools report their recycling data and are ranked accordingly.

Recyclemania is beneficial because it will push the JCU community to get involved in the competition in order to achieve the best results and further encourage recycling. It is a good way to get different parts of the community involved in a common project with a cause.

Representatives from each residence hall floor will bring their bags of paper, plastic, glass and metal recyclables to the student center to weigh the materials, and the floor with the most recycling will win the contest and additional prizes.

This will provide incentive for students and the JCU community to get more involved in being environmentally friendly, as well as increase recycling on campus.

In addition to student participation, Recyclemania is getting JCU organizations involved in this competition. At the end of every week, the dining hall will collect leftover food and send it to a composite site, then report the results.

This will raise awareness of the progress that JCU is making in this recycling project.

Some might argue that though this program has potential to enhance recycling on campus, it may need more incentives to get people further involved in the cause.

Recyclemania will be a good start to calling attention to the community’s recycling habits and getting more people involved.