JCU hosts ‘Boxed Out’ event

February 24th, 2011

On Feb. 25, John Carroll University’s Labre Project is hosting an event called “Boxed Out” in which volunteers from the JCU community will sleep outside on the main Quad in cardboard boxes in order to better understand the experiences of homeless people in Cleveland.

This event is beneficial for the JCU community because it allows for people to gain a better awareness of what life is like as a homeless person in Cleveland.

The Labre Project sends vans filled with students to downtown Cleveland every Friday in order to provide homeless ministry, so JCU participants are able to see the life of a homeless person firsthand.

The “Boxed Out” event will spread awareness through the experience of the volunteers. The Labre Project is providing refrigerator boxes and tarps for the participants. There will be a barrel fire, which participants will have to build and maintain throughout the night.

With as little as possible to get them through the night, participants will experience the perils of homelessness. They will also hear talks from former homeless people, helping them be more observant and more reflective of the challenges that others face.

Some might argue that sleeping in a box on JCU’s main Quad is not the best way to experience the condition of homelessness because there are many more challenges that encompass life as a homeless person in Cleveland.

Many people may not participate in “Boxed Out” because of the winter weather, so they will not be able to learn from the experience.

There is no doubt that there are many more perils of homelessness, but “Boxed Out” is a beneficial way for the JCU community to have a better understanding of some of these hardships.

Volunteers participating in “Boxed Out” will be able to connect with the homeless people of Cleveland on a deeper level and will gain awareness of the hardships that they face on a daily basis.