Fashion Forecast

February 24th, 2011

With winter in full force, it can seem as if there is no end in sight. Convincing ourselves to get out of bed and go out into the cold can be a challenge.

Finding something to wear in ten-degree weather can be just as hard. Luckily, there are a few easy ways to liven up a dull winter day and wardrobe.

The first and most essential part is the winter coat.  Fleece zip-ups are an always-popular alternative, but Cleveland weather calls for something a little heftier.

Big, puffy coats are very popular with both girls and guys this year.  These coats are stylish and very practical against cold winds and snowy days.

Or, if you’re looking for something a little smaller, puffy vests work well over sweaters or any long-sleeved shirt.

Many have toggles that add a touch of detail to the otherwise basic outerwear.

Alternatively, pea coats are not as warm, but are always fashionable.  They’re a little dressier, so they work especially well for meetings or interviews.

If a new coat isn’t on your shopping list, winter accessories are a simple way to liven up any outfit.

Scarves come in every color and style imaginable, but especially popular this year are infinity scarves.

This new trend of scarf is easy to layer and keep on, because of its looped design.

For guys, solid colored scarves are a quick and simple addition to any coat.

Gloves are often left at home because they are inconvenient for texting, but fingerless gloves solve that problem.

Many pairs even convert to mittens.  They also come in enough colors to match any outfit.

Also popular around the John Carroll campus are trapper hats, which have fur on the inside and eye-catching designs, such as plaid, on the outside.

Despite all the warm options available, though, many guys go for simplicity over all else.

“I usually just wear comfy jeans and a fleece pullover,” said freshman Jon Standish.

One look around campus confirms that many guys aren’t interested in layering up for the cold.  Katie Fraser, a junior, has noticed several people taking this notion to the extreme.

“I’ve seen so many boys wearing shorts,” Fraser said. “It’s not that warm.”

With snow piles twice the size of cars still looming on campus, shorts do seem a bit premature.

As long as there is snow on the ground or in the forecast, winter boots are very necessary.

Guys may hate them, but Uggs remain in many girls’ closets.

These days, however, there are lots of fashionable alternatives to the popular sheepskin boot.

Some girls wear rain boots with big socks, while others dress up jeans with leather boots.

With so many ways to stay fashionable and warm this winter, you really don’t have an excuse to stay in bed.