Obama faces a different beast in Iran

February 17th, 2011

In the next episode of “Reform in the Middle East,” Iran exploded with its own protests earlier this week. The oppressed citizens saw the actions of their Egyptian counterparts and decided to try and make a difference in their own country. But unfortunately for the Iranian protesters, their government didn’t take too kindly to their actions.

The government beat, tear-gassed, and even killed some protesters. It’s ironic that the Iranian government was supportive of the protests in Egypt, but as soon as it happens to the fascist regime of the Ayatollah and Ahmandinejad, they crush it with an iron fist.

Obama got lucky with Egypt. What would have happened if Mubarak had not resigned under his own accord? Obama was eager to join in on the celebration and congratulate the Egyptians, but was hesitant on what to do when Mubarak wouldn’t back down (he simply asked for a “smooth transition of power”).

I’m not saying he’s taking credit for the revolution by any means, but rather he got lucky that Mubarak stepped down and took care of a massive problem for Obama.

This will not happen with Iran.

So far, the president is taking the same passive stance with Iran. I give him credit for calling out the hypocrisy behind the violent shutting down of the protests, and for providing what he calls “moral support to those seeking better lives.”

It should also be understood he doesn’t want to act because if he tries to prod a revolution in Iran, the regime could portray the recent protests in the region as U.S.-created puppet protests.

Obama cannot back down on this opportunity. If he wants to be the leader that people label him as, this is his chance. He cannot be as tentative as he was with Egypt. Obama has to call out the Ayatollah and Ahmandinejad for the injustices that they have committed over the years.

“Each country is different, each country has its own traditions, and America can’t dictate what happens in these societies,” the president said, and is something with which I completely agree. But when the people clearly do not believe in a government establishment, as the most powerful country in the world, the U.S. not only has the right to dictate what happens in those societies, they have the responsibility.

The president said earlier this week that the situation in Egypt is watching “history unfold,” perhaps the first of a flurry of revolutions in the region. Iran is the crown jewel. Obama needs to expose the facist regime there and help the oppressed people achieve “the better lives” they are seeking (disclaimer: this has nothing to do with Islam, simply the oppressive way Iran governs their people).

I realize Obama has a lot on his plate lately with the budget and working with the Republican House, but this could be the defining moment of his presidency, and he needs to act on it.

Step up to the plate and hit a home run, Mr. Obama.