Housing process goes online

February 3rd, 2011

John Carroll students are familiar with using online resources for academics, such as Blackboard, and for social networking sites like Facebook. Now, through the Office of Residence Life, students can complete the entire housing selection process online as well.   

Although it was upgraded last spring, this is the first time that non-freshman residents will have the opportunity to experience the new changes to the housing process.

“We upgraded to a new housing software system last spring. The main reason for the upgrade was to improve our service to students as well as decrease the resources needed to support the old system. The first year students used this system in the summer to apply for housing and this is the first group of continuing students to use it,” said Housing Coordinator Marie Perri. 

Ever since students have had access to the online application, on Jan. 24, already 312 students have completed the agreement for next academic year. “In the last two years, we only had just over 60 students accept their housing agreement by this time in the process,” said Perri.

There have been mixed reviews about the system.

“If people keep an open mind to the process, they’ll find that it’s easier to use than the previous process from past years,” said Ariel Johnson, a senior resident assistant in Hamlin Hall. 

Freshman Maria Loya thought one aspect of the process was difficult. 

“I thought it was confusing that both you and your roommate had to have their preferences filled out before you could request them as a roommate,” she said. “Other than that, I thought the rooming process was pretty easy.”

Registering priority is now done by class status. Prior to this change, Residence Life would also average the amount of semesters spent on campus to determine when students could select their room. 

“There is no more averaging of semesters on campus to determine selection times for each roommate pair or group. Now, hall and room lection times are given to each student and roommate pairs will select a room during the earliest selection time of the roommate pair,” said Perri. 

Students will simply apply online through BannerWeb’s MyHousing, select their roommates, and select their room. Students can apply online from now until Feb. 24. They are able to add/select/delete roommates from now until then, and between March 21 and April 4, select their actual room. 

Each roommate must confirm one another before they are able to choose a room. There will be a confirmation email allowing the other roommates to see that they have been confirmed, and also a confirmation e-mail if the roommates have been deselected. Students must fill the capacity of the room. 

There have been other main components that have changed.

Senior privilege is no longer available. Previously, seniors were able to select a double without a roommate, but now anyone, despite their year, is allowed to sign up. 

Adding to the changes, there are also no buy-outs available in Bernet Hall or in general housing. To have a room reserved, all of the beds must be filled. Although, for those looking to live in Bernet or the duplexes, there is no longer a paper application. It been replaced by MyHousing. 

For those wanting to live on the healthy living floor, located on the third floor of Campion Hall, prior approval is no longer required. The process is similar for the entrepreneur floor, which is on the fourth floor of Murphy Hall.

“We think that the system is easier to navigate than the previous one, [and] all selection is now online for students rather than some being a manual process and some being online. We eliminated the confusion that was created by the averaging of semesters on campus – we used to get lots of questions about how that worked,” said Perri.