Articles published in February, 2011

That's what See said: An ode to the partner in crime

What would Abbott be without Costello, Hall without Oates, Puffy without Ma$e? They might still be successful on their own, but why take that risk?
Everybody needs a sidekick. Not necessarily a Robin to their Batman, because those kinds of hierarchies can lead to internal conflict. Maybe something more along the lines of a Batman…

OurView: The curious case of Mischa Barton

Poor Mischa Barton.  The fallen star of Fox’s epic failure “The O.C.” Known by Perez Hilton afficionado’s as “Mischa Farton,” the actress has taken, in recent years, what some may call a dramatic downward spiral.  A spiral strikingly similar to the path the truck took down the side of a mountain in the season finale…

Swimming and diving leaves mark at conference meet

The John Carroll University men’s and women’s swimming and diving teams competed in the Ohio Athletic Conference Championships this past weekend, the biggest competition of the year for each respective team, and although neither team finished in first place, the Blue Streaks still competed impressively.
The men’s swimming and diving team finished in second place…

Fashion Forecast

How to dress warm yet stylish during the cold winter months

Name That Toon!: 2-24-2011

What the toon doesn’t say about the tune: “I made mistakes, I bump my head.”…

Recyclemania at JCU

John Carroll University has joined Recyclemania, a national  competition to promote recyling on campus.
Recyclemania is a competition between participating colleges and universities in which these schools report their recycling data and are ranked accordingly.
Recyclemania is beneficial because it will push the JCU community to get involved in the competition in order to achieve…

JCU hosts ‘Boxed Out’ event

On Feb. 25, John Carroll University’s Labre Project is hosting an event called “Boxed Out” in which volunteers from the JCU community will sleep outside on the main Quad in cardboard boxes in order to better understand the experiences of homeless people in Cleveland.
This event is beneficial for the JCU community because it allows…

Gadhafi cracks down hard on protesters

As Egypt continued to take significant steps earlier this week toward a new government, its neighbor, Libya, continued to erupt with protests and the violent response of Col. Moammar Gadhafi and his security forces in an effort to shut them down.
Gadhafi, the leader of the oil-rich North African country for the past 40 years,…

Ice storm wreaks havoc on campus

Multiple trees were downed on campus after an ice storm on Monday.

Letter to the Editor: Facemashed response

esty International, and more than 20,000 other charities have used the Facebook Causes app to raise over $10 million. The Egyptian people were able overthrow 30 years of autocratic rule in part by using Facebook.
A first year student who made the ‘Juan’ Carroll ‘Dan Loster’ Facebook profile used Facebook to reduce 64 female John…

Letter to the Editor: An apology is in order

Dear Carroll News,
I would like to make a correction to the otherwise brilliantly written White Stripes eulogy of newly-appointed music critic Noah Lamprecht. It is primarily an issue of simple semantics, but nonetheless should be clarified.
I must first preface the correction by stating that for someone that claims to be “eternally proud” of…

World Wide Web: Did Bush bring democracy to the Middle East?

It’s hardly been eight years since the United States invaded Iraq, toppled Saddam Hussein and installed a democratic regime in a region where authoritarian rule is the norm. And now the entire Middle East, from Algeria to Yemen, is being rocked by anti-government protesters demanding that their leaders step aside and make way for democracy.…

Men’s hoops advances to conference semifinals

After dropping the regular season finale – which was also “Senior Day” for the team’s lone senior Maurice Haynes – to Marietta College, Haynes made one thing very clear: “We absolutely want to see them again in the tournament,” he said.
Since the Blue Streaks took care of business Tuesday night and knocked off the…

‘Dan,’ ‘Danielle Loster’ make waves on campus

Last week, The Carroll News printed a story about the profile pages of “Dan” and “Danielle Loster.” The “Dan Loster” profile was designed to compare female students to each other in a bracket modeled after the NCAA March Madness tournament.
Since the story’s publication, the students, administration and faculty have all taken time to think…

Radiohead’s return to nature for ‘The King of Limbs’

Album Review: Radiohead “The King of Limbs” gets 5 out 5 rating

Box city hits JCU

Think dorm life is bad? Try sleeping in a box for one night in the frigid Cleveland weather, and see how long you last. John Carroll’s Labre Project is doing just that. This Friday, Feb. 25, an event called “Boxed Out” will kick off in the Rodman Chapel. More than 25 students have already volunteered…

Women’s basketball lives another day

When the John Carroll University women’s basketball team knocked off Baldwin-Wallace College in the quarterfinal round of the Ohio Athletic Conference Tournament on Tuesday night, few should have been surprised.
After all, the Blue Streaks went on the road and beat B-W in Berea, Ohio on Feb. 9.
But to do it a second time,…

Neeson’s ‘Unknown’ no match for ‘Taken’

“Unknown” isn’t so much a bad movie as it is a misguided one.
No matter how hard he tries, director Jaume Collet-Serra (“Orphan”) just can’t recreate the simplistic gravitas of the 2008 Liam Neeson action vehicle “Taken.”
The movie’s failing flaw? Not answering its own questions.
Dr. Martin Harris (Liam Neeson) awakens from a coma…

OAC Wrestling Tournament Preview

The John Carroll University wrestling team is heading into the Ohio Athletic Conference Wrestling Championships with momentum on their side. Their win over Heidelberg University on Feb. 18 at the Tony DeCarlo Varsity Center gave them a huge victory over the five-time defending conference champion, and increased their winning streak to three matches.
“Momentum never…

U.S. vetoes UN resolution condemning Israeli settlements in Palestine

While Democrats and Republicans are usually at loggerheads in most issues, they always seem to read from the same script when it comes to Israel.
It is little wonder, therefore, that the Obama administration went the way of many others by vetoing a U.N. resolution declaring Israeli settlements in the Palestinian West Bank territory illegal…

Letter to the Editor: Facemashed not something to ‘lol’ about

Dear John Carroll Community,
In last week’s issue of The Carroll News, they featured the “Facemashed” article. I was especially struck by the article because also on the front page was the story regarding Andrea Teodosio, an individual who brought great things to our campus and touched the lives of so many. She was truly…

Copy Center is ‘a mini, less-expensive Kinko’s’

Tom Reilley knows every student on campus’ number … mailbox number, that is.
The longtime manager of the John Carroll University Copy Center even remembers the mailbox numbers of students who graduated nearly a decade ago. For Reilley and the rest of the Mail and Copy Center staff, it is all about being personal.

Recycling efforts take competitive edge

“Going Green” is one of the most popular and talked about issues of the decade. “Going Green” can include driving an environmentally-friendly car, using reusable grocery bags and recycling. The latter has been promoted for many years and even though some communities have stopped collecting, individuals are still encouraged to recycle on their own.

After All-Ohio Championships, indoor track and field team ready to put it to the test against OAC best

The John Carroll University men’s and women’s indoor track and field teams will compete in the Ohio Athletic Conference Championships this upcoming weekend and they aim to end the season by winning the conference tournament.
The OAC Championships will be hosted by Baldwin-Wallace College in Berea, Ohio. The competition will begin on Friday, Feb. 25…

Columns: Rachel Bayer

This weekend, my sister will be coming up to JCU to spend some time with me. Her name is Rachel, she’s five years younger than me, and she’s my best friend. So this week, I’m dedicating this column to my little sister. Because how cool is that?
Rachel and I have a really special bond.…