Beneficial stadium renovations

January 28th, 2011

John Carroll University will embark on renovations of the field and track of Shula Stadium at Wasmer Field. The field will soon have new turf and the track will be resurfaced and rebuilt. JCU is proud of its academic and athletic facilities and the improvements to the field and track will increase that level of pride.

There are preliminary plans for these renovations, and with the project’s budget, the quality of Shula Stadium will be enhanced.

It is a great idea to improve the field and track. The improvements will benefit JCU athletic teams and the student body as a whole.

Carol Dietz, JCU’s associate vice president of facilities said, “I think it’s really going to improve the student experience whether you just do intramurals, club sports, or regulation varsity sports because everything will be new.”

Both the turf and track are in poor shape. Hector Marinaro, head coach of JCU’s men’s soccer team said, “The turf was coming apart at all the seams and it was becoming a hazard to the players.”

The new turf will have a change in dimensions that will benefit JCU’s soccer teams in a way that the current turf does not. As of now, the turf is 120 yards long and 68 yards wide. The new installation will be 115 yards long and 72 yards wide. The shorter and wider surface of the field will allow more scoring opportunity for soccer teams, and create more exciting games for students who attend them.

The track has been unusable for track meets for years. Poor drainage and ripples in the track surface contribute to this condition. With the resurfacing of the entire track structure, JCU will have the opportunity to host track meets.

According to JCU Director of Athletics Laurie Massa, “The design firm has assured us that the specifications are NCAA and OAC compliant, and the product choices meet specifications as well.”

Some might ask why it has taken JCU so long to begin these renovations. The University should not have waited until the turf was “coming apart at all the seams” and the track was unusable for competition before making this move.

The improvements to the field and track of Shula Stadium at Wasmer Field will strongly benefit the JCU community. The standard of JCU facilities ought to match the high level of pride the University takes in both academic and athletic aspects.