Corbo and fitness center see new layout and equipment for new semester

January 27th, 2011

Students can expect low-budget changes to make a big difference to the Corbo Weight and Cardiovascular Room this year, according to the recreation department staff. “We only get a small amount of money per year, so we have to take baby steps to make improvements,” said Recreation Student Supervisor Kara Lamb. The recreation department has taken steps to make working out at John Carroll’s on-campus gym more inviting, comfortable and fun. 

With large numbers of students (many of them athletes) and a small workout space, recreation supervisors have been working to utilize the space properly and beneficially to promote not only a healthy lifestyle, but student success in and out of the classroom.  

Recreation Graduate Assistant Brendan McLaughlin said that they have rearranged the weight room “in effort to gain [the] additional space needed.” According to McLaughlin, the machines are now sorted by arms, legs and other parts of the body that the machines emphasize. The changes took place over winter break, and student employees helped rearrange the machines.

In addition to the layout changes, the weight room features several new machines to make working out less repetitive. One of the several changes made includes the purchase of new Matrix treadmills to replace the LifeFitness treadmills. 

“The shock absorbency [of the new machines] helps prevent any strains or injuries and is good for those who run long distance,” said Lamb.  

Junior Jack Kirwin has tried the new treadmills, but said, “I wasn’t exactly sure how to use them, so I switched back to my old habits [using the LifeFitness machines]. But may I add they look stellar.”

Prior to this, the most recent change to the weight room was the addition of television screens to the LifeFitness treadmills. However, the Matrix treadmills have new features, “You can connect your iPod straight to it, use the touch screen to choose your songs, your work out, and to watch TV as well,” said Lamb. Although there are only three new treadmills in place, they will be progressively replacing the older treadmills as the budget allows. 

 Lamb and McLaughlin are continuing to work alongside Recreation Director Courtney Farver, intern Amy Mauceri and student supervisors Nick Hallal and Kaitlin Gill. Working with a low budget, this group is planning to add what they can to help students be more active and enjoy working out. Budgetary information was not disclosed, but the group remained within their regular budget for this project, according to recreation. 

Despite the low funding, the group has also added new dumbbell weights, plyo boxes and a rack for medicine balls. All of these additions are helping to make a small weight room more spacious and workout-friendly for the large volume of students and JCU community who use it. 

After hearing about the new additions to the Corbo Weight Room, freshman Katie Kiliany said, “I am eager to check out the new parts and the new organization of the weight room. It will help make working out more exciting.”