Second time not the charm for Student Union SOBB bill

December 9th, 2010

After further deliberation, Student Union again voted “no” to the proposed bill concerning the modification to the student organization budget board (SOBB). This bill was first proposed at the meeting following the executive board elections.

On Nov. 30, the Student Union revisited the previously proposed amendment of moving the SOBB from the vice president for student organizations to the vice president of business affairs. Some members of the SU saw this as a simple shift in duties.

“In turn, this would make the check request process and all funding to go through one office and not two,” said junior Senator Peter Hayden. “I voted in favor of the bill.”

At the meeting, some senators mentioned how the process currently in place can cause further confusion as to where money flows, and what has been taken care of or neglected. Lost receipts for paying back organizations is a concern as well. The proposed, but failed, bill was thought to be a solution to this.

Vice President for Student Organizations Chelsey Neuhaus noted that she wanted to continue to take action to fix the problem in a positive way, and is willing to do whatever it takes to make an agreeable compromise with other members of the senate.

Director of Student Activities Lisa Ramsey came up with the initial idea of the transfer of duties, yet there were still some senators that did not see this bill as beneficial.

“To be honest, I’m still not 100 percent sure [what the bill was] because they didn’t do a good job of describing [it]. Then, they would say the same thing over again, in slightly different words,” said senior Senator M.P. Bagnowski. “I originally abstained, because I don’t feel we should have been voting on this bill, so when it came to actually vote, I voted no.”

Hayden argued that their job is to help run the University, and if that means making certain sacrifices to better the community, then so be it. 

“If we as a Student Union are not effective and have too much red tape then we cannot govern to the best of our ability,” he said. “We were sent here to make the lives of these students better than our own.”

Hayden is the vice president-elect for student organizations, and believes in giving a little of his position if that is what it takes to get things done more effectively.

Bagnowski argued that it is more than just giving up some of the position, but it will make Hayden’s job almost useless with a lot less work. He believes there needs to be a balance in power between the two positions.

Even though the bill did not pass, it is something that might again resurface in the future.

Hayden said, “It is unfortunate that the bill did not pass and I hope the newly elected senators will take this issue up again, so we can make our student union more efficient for tomorrow.”