Changes to the Loop

December 9th, 2010

There will be several changes made to the John Carroll University Loop Shuttle next semester.

The Rapid Transit Authority stop on Belvoir Boulevard will no longer be a stop on the list of shuttle destinations.

According to Director of Residence Life Heather Losneck, this decision was made as result of the lack of use of the RTA stop and in an effort to improve shuttle efficiency.

“The shuttle has had trouble keeping up with the 30 minute route with traffic and construction on Saturdays particularly, so we began to look at how to change it to minimize that problem. The RTA stop seemed the logical choice to remove from the route because so few students get off or on at that stop based on our ridership numbers,” said Losneck.

The Office of Residence Life and the Residence Life Advisory Board, which is comprised of students and Student Union representatives, made this decision.

Sophomore Spencer German, a member of the Residence Life Advisory Board, thinks that this change will benefit students.

“One of the biggest complaints of students lately is that the shuttle runs late all the time and it takes a very long [time] to get back to campus from the various places students try to go during the day. This problem should now be solved and students will hopefully, as a result, be happier with the system and how much smoother it will run now,” German said.

However, other students like sophomore Maurice Redd, also a Residence Life Advisory Board member, do not agree with the decision.

According to Redd, it will be more difficult for students like him who use the RTA to get home during breaks.

“Many students like myself use the RTA stop to get home for breaks, whether it’s going downtown to the Greyhound or Megabus, or to the airport. But now we will all have to lug our suitcases all the way to the RTA station by foot,” Redd said.

Redd suggested that if ridership is low for the RTA stop, the University could eliminate the stop during the semester except for days before a break.

During the week students will still have transportation to the RTA stop via the CSS shuttle that transports students and faculty from campus to the Target parking lot or the Green Road Annex.

According to Assistant Director of Residence Life John Mack, if students request it, the CSS shuttle will take them to or pick them up from the RTA stop on Belvoir Boulevard.

The shuttle route will also change next semester. The shuttle now stops at University Square, Legacy Village and Beachwood Place Mall before it stops at the Green Road Annex. The route will be reversed so that the Green Road Annex stop will be first.

Losneck said, “This should make a lot of students happy who just ride it to get to their cars at the Annex. They will not have to ride it [the shuttle] for 30 minutes first.”

Residence Life will distribute new publicity with the shuttle changes when the semester begins in January.