Articles published in December, 2010

Franco shines as a one-man show in ‘127 Hours’

SPOILER ALERT: He cuts off his own arm.
“127 Hours” tells the extraordinary true story of Aron Ralston, the 27 year-old hiker who became trapped in a Utah canyon when his right hand was pinned under a boulder. 
After five days, he cut off his own arm with a dull knife in order to escape…

Kanye West: channel surfer, Bon Iver fan, social critic, genius

If you’re stuck in the frame of mind that Kanye West is a loud-mouthed idiot who isn’t worth the time of day “I’ma let you finish” your rant, but he just released one of the best hip-hop albums of all time. 
He’s no fun at an awards show but he’s amazing in a recording studio.…

Randy returns to ‘A Christmas Story House’

“You’ll shoot your eye out” and “Momma, I can’t put my arms down” may be the most well-known lines from “A Christmas Story.” But it is the child that spoke the latter who has garnered all of the attention in Northeast Ohio recently. 
Ian Petrella will be forever known as Ralphie’s little brother Randy and…

Progressive Field transforms into a winter wonderland

Looking for a source of winter entertainment this holiday season? You can find it at Indians Snow Days. 
Progressive Field opened its doors to the public on Nov. 26 with its “Snopening” day, providing the Cleveland community with an opportunity to create new memories and experience a winter wonderland.
 Indians Snow Days is the first…

Celebs promote life through death

Some loyal Twitter and Facebook followers may be wondering why their favorite actors and athletes haven’t been checking in lately. 
They haven’t been tweeting or posting because, well, they’re dead. Digitally dead. 
Celebrities banded together this month in a “Digital Life Sacrifice” in honor of World AIDS Day. 
Personalities like Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian and…

Swimming and Diving wraps up competition for semester

The men’s and women’s swimming and diving teams are each known for having a rich tradition of winning at John Carroll University, but both teams have gotten off to rough starts in the 2010-2011 campaign.
The men’s team currently heads into their mid-season break with an overall record of 3-5 (1-1 OAC) while the women’s…

Name That Toon!: 12-9-2010

What the toon doesn’t say about the tune: “She didn’t see me creep, down the stairs to have a peep”…

Second time not the charm for Student Union SOBB bill

After further deliberation, Student Union again voted “no” to the proposed bill concerning the modification to the student organization budget board (SOBB). This bill was first proposed at the meeting following the executive board elections.
On Nov. 30, the Student Union revisited the previously proposed amendment of moving the SOBB from the vice president for…

Women’s hoops off to good start before dropping conference opener

The John Carroll University women’s basketball team had a tiring road swing last week that took them to stops in Meadville, Pa. and Columbus, Ohio. 
The Blue Streaks entered the trip with a 3-1 record as they looked to improve the mark with wins against Allegheny College and Capital University. 
Alas, a victory would only…

Sher It Like It Is: Why do you do that to yourself?

Every week on my way to the newsroom I pass the workout room. I stare at the people on the elliptical machines and shutter at the sweat dripping down their faces. All I can think is: Why on earth would you do that to yourself every week?
I’ve taken health classes so I kind of…

OurView: Be the true love and give for twelve days

Of all the Christmas music that fills my ears during the holiday season, there is no song I loathe more than “The 12 days of Christmas.”  It’s most likely the recounting and repetitiveness that gets to my patience, but all-in-all I take it to be a useless carol.  The term “twelve days of Christmas” represents…

That's what See said: The million dollar question

Where do babies come from? How are chicken patties made? What happens if you put diesel fuel in a minivan? What kind of pajamas does the Rev. Robert Niehoff wear to bed? What am I going to do next year?
These are some of the most important questions that face our generation and our University.…

Changes to the Loop

There will be several changes made to the John Carroll University Loop Shuttle next semester.
The Rapid Transit Authority stop on Belvoir Boulevard will no longer be a stop on the list of shuttle destinations.
According to Director of Residence Life Heather Losneck, this decision was made as result of the lack of use of…

UH: A year later, relations have improved

University Heights Mayor improves relationship with JCU
University Heights Mayor Susan Infeld is nearing the end of her first year in office.
“It [the first year] has been busy,” said Infeld. “I don’t know that it has been as productive as I would have liked it to be, but I’m still working on that. I…

The Bayer Necessities: Just my luck!

It’s 12 degrees outside and you pass someone who is chasing their papers across the snow covered ground. It would be easy to simply pass by and let them chase it alone; but being the good Catholic that you are, you decide to help them collect their papers despite the frost-bitten temperatures. Whether or not…

JCU Dining revises ‘Underground’ policy

Recently, JCU Dining decided to revise its policy on use of The Underground for student dining.  The Underground is a lounge area next to the Schott Dining Hall with new furniture, television sets and game tables.
Currently, many students take advantage of the easy flow between these spaces to help themselves to food they haven’t…

Loop Shuttle to eliminate service to RTA

The John Carroll University Loop Shuttle will discontinue its service to the Rapid Transit Authority stop on Belvoir Boulevard next semester.
Removing the stop will make the Loop Shuttle more efficient. The stop is used infrequently, and removing it will allow the shuttles to maintain a reliable schedule.
The residence life office and Residence Life…

Career Corner: What comes after the resume?

You fine tuned your resume. You submitted it to your prospective employer(s). You wrote an amazing cover letter explaining why you are a great fit for the job. Now, you just got a callback; they want you to come in for an interview.
This is a joyous, yet fearsome time for the average job-seeker. It…

Dining restricted

Students will face several restrictions if they wish to dine in The Underground next semester.

The Feast of Christmas is alive at JCU thanks to Kelly

New book written by faculty details the history of how people have celebrated Christmas from the fourth century until now

JCU opens OAC play with win over Capital

Despite the rivalry that has formed between these two high-energy basketball programs, the John Carroll University Blue Streaks have managed to hold all the cards over Capital University for more than two calendar years. 
Saturday night’s contest in Bexley, Ohio was much of the same – led by a John Carroll and Ohio Athletic Conference…

Wrestling team preparing for Florida training trip

By Claire Olderman
This past Saturday, 17 members of the John Carroll University wrestling team attended the 45th annual Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) Invitational and came away with better results than a year ago – a sign that the young Blue Streak team is maturing and making strides toward becoming the team they aspire…

The Greener Side: Just do it

Last weekend, I logged into Facebook and discovered I was suddenly Facebook friends with Elmo, Doug Funnie and Hello Kitty.
Many members of the Facebook community changed their profile pictures to images of cartoon characters from Disney movies or old Nickelodeon shows.
The explanation of the trend came from a status update posted by an…

Sudan: It’s more than a game

Thousands of miles separate us from Sudan. In fact, I recently encountered an interesting flight schedule on Expedia. Fly from Cleveland to Toronto, Toronto to Montreal, Montreal to Brussels, Brussels to Entebbe, Entebbe to Nairobi and finally, Nairobi to Khartoum, Sudan. So why should we care about it?
The truth is that in an increasingly…

Historic vote draws near in Sudan

A month from today, on Jan. 9, the world may witness either the birth of a new nation or the beginning of a bloody genocide in southern Sudan.
On that day, the south is scheduled to go to the polls to decide whether or not to secede from the rest of the country. The vote…