Unmarked vans shuttle students

November 18th, 2010

There’s a man in an unmarked white van picking up JCU students. 

While two of the JCU shuttle vans have JCU logos on the sides, the third van, a rental from Enterprise, does not have a logo to affirm its affiliation with the University to riders. 

JCU must immediately label the vans with a JCU emblem. Riders need assurance that the shuttle system is safe and should have no doubts that the drivers are JCU employees. Students should not risk taking rides in vans that fail to prove their association with JCU. 

Since JCU does not own the unmarked van, the University should mark the van with a magnetic logo or a static cling decal. These options would neither damage nor permanently alter the appearance of the van. 

If JCU finds it necessary to purchase a third van, it must label the van with a permanent JCU logo before the van is used as part of the shuttle service. 

In addition to adding a logo to the unmarked van, all shuttle drivers should wear JCU attire and should have an identification card that is visible to riders. These safety precautions ensure that students and University employees who park in the Target parking lot or who use the shuttle as transportation to other local spots arrive safely at their destinations. 

These changes will encourage students to use the shuttles by making them more comfortable with the safety of the shuttle system.