Student Union fails to represent

November 18th, 2010

Shortly after Executive Board elections were held, the Student Union is planning to vote on a revised bill  that would transfer control of the Student Organization Budget Board from the vice president for student organizations to the vice president for business affairs.

These changes should not have been proposed after the Executive Board elections were held. The student body voted for the officers based on their abilities to meet the responsibilites of the positions as they existed during the Elections. Changing those responsibilities after the Elections would compromise the expectations of the student body and the students elected to the affected positions.

The bill has merits and redistributes responsibilities in a way that makes the operation of SOBB more efficient, but SU should not pass this bill into effect for the recently elected Executive Board.

If the changes are still desired next year, SU should make the the changes to the positions well before officer elections are held. This allows the student body to know exactly who they are electing to perform certain duties.