Stop the madness

November 11th, 2010

You know what bothers me? The destruction of property. It upsets me when someone damages someone else’s belongings. 

I can’t grasp the concept of enjoying the act of destroying anything, let alone something that isn’t a part of my own possessions. I am making this argument because it seems that at John Carroll, some people enjoy this harsh activity. 

I remember the spring semester of 2010 when the snow had melted, and landscapers had just planted rows of beautiful flowers on campus. The people who planted them worked for hours making the campus look great. However, their work was for naught because as soon as the next weekend came around, somebody destroyed the majority of the flowers. There were clearly footprints in the ground that had ruined what John Carroll’s grounds crew had worked so hard to create.  

The most recent destruction of property that really upset me was the bike rack in front of Campion Hall. Over the weekend, someone (probably on a drunken escapade) decided it would be a good idea to flip the bike rack over so it was bent and broken into pieces. Not only was the rack completely damaged, but the 10 or so bikes that were chained to it were destroyed. There were handlebars, pedals and such detached. The remainder of the bikes were bent so much that they were no longer usable.

I do have to applaud how John Carroll handled the situation. The owners of the bikes were reimbursed for the damage. This still doesn’t make up for the fact that their property was destroyed by acts of pure irresponsibility and carelessness. 

What are the remaining problems? The bike rack is still not put together completely. There are parts of the rack that are not connected. The larger issue at hand is that after John Carroll reimbursed the owners of the bikes, and possibly attempted to repair the remaining damage, rumor has that people (maybe the same as before, maybe not) attempted to destroy it again. 

I know there have been more instances, but the two that I have mentioned have stuck with me since the incidents occurred. I can’t understand why students continue to damage campus property, not only because it is wrong, but because students pay a significant amount of tuition money. Why would someone want to destroy things that they pay a great deal of money to have? Or destroy things that other people pay this money to have?

It’s disappointing to me because I don’t take advantage of my opportunity to attend John Carroll, as many other students here feel the same. I want to see the campus looking its best, not in ruins. I don’t understand the reason why anyone would. It’s embarrassing when sporting events, conferences and other events come to John Carroll, and campus property is damaged. It reflects poorly on the school and everyone involved with it. 

I’m not naïve, I know this problem will most likely never be stopped completely, but there is room for improvement.