English department to offer new sampler course

November 11th, 2010

Under the supervision of Debby Rosenthal, associate professor and director of graduate studies, a new English course is being offered to John Carroll students. The course is worth one credit and is pass/fail. 

Available this spring, “Special Topics: A Literary Sampler” (EN 199-51) will meet the first seven weeks of the semester on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2 to 2:50 p.m. The students grades will be determined not through tests or quizzes, but through regular attendance and thorough reflection papers due after each class.

“In each of the 14 meetings a different professor will step in and offer an interesting 50-minute talk about some topic of current literary interest,” Rosenthal said.

The topics to be covered in this course will cover a wide range of literary subjects. Potential topics include postmodernism and The Simpsons, literary theory, images of Ireland and different theories of speech and action. Additionally, Career Counseling will take one class to speak about possible career options with a degree in English.  

The expectation is that this new course will be similar to a speaker series taken for credit.

“We hope the course will be like a for credit lecture series and can be enjoyed by those who are die-hard English majors and also those who want a gentle, general introduction to cool ideas in lit[erature],” said Rosenthal.  

When mentioned to various John Carroll students, all seemed to be at least somewhat interested in learning more about the course.

“This course really sounds like it is aimed to help students figure out what their interests are,” freshman Sarah Alessi said. “You get a little bit of everything; I love that. It sounds like a great way to explore the possibilities offered at John Carroll.”

Eleven students have signed up for this class thus far, so there are spots still available. Any questions or curiosities can be directed toward Rosenthal in the English Department.