Wine and Gold: With a new season and a new era upon them,

November 4th, 2010

The Cleveland Cavaliers have a whole new look coming into the 2010-2011 season. 

And no, it is not the lack of some guy who decided to take his “talents to South Beach.” It is the reinvention of the Cavs’ uniform and logo. 

The team started off its season with a win over the Celtics, and they looked pretty snappy when they walked onto the court with a new team and a new uniform to match.

The new threads aren’t a completely new transformation for the team. The uniforms are actually a throw back to the uniforms of the 70s and early 80s. 

The team has always been associated with the “wine and gold,” and the new uniforms are bringing that back with full force. The logo and wordmark designs will remain the same, but the color changes, to a deeper wine and brighter gold. 

The new home jerseys have “Cavaliers” emblazoned across the chest, while the away jerseys have “Cleveland” on the front. On both uniforms, special details make them distinctive. 

The Cavaliers trademark statement: “All for One. One for All” is printed along the back of the inner-collar of the crew neck, and the Cavaliers secondary logo “C-sword” appears on both sides of the short.

A reason for switching the uniform colors? The fans. According to the Cavaliers’ website, the fans over the past few years have responded well to the older uniforms, and the Cavs decided to give them what they wanted.

“The response from our fans related to our classic uniforms and merchandise has been tremendous over the last several seasons, especially our original wine and gold color mix items. 

As a result, we’re very excited to bring the spirit of the original expression of ‘wine and gold’ into our brand full-time for the future,” said Tracy Marek, the Cavaliers senior vice president of marketing. 

When asking JCU students what they thought about the new uniforms, there were mixed answers. 

Some had no idea that the team had received new uniforms, and some had noticed but didn’t care either way. 

A few students had some opinions about the new uniform changes, and all of them had positive things to say.

“These jerseys are much needed for this hurting franchise, especially after the travesty that happened this past summer,” said junior Nabil Madhun.  “The fans, franchise and city needed a change after what transpired.”

Even students from outside of Cleveland seem to admire the makeover of the NBA team’s wardrobe.

“I’m not from Cleveland but I love the old-school look of the new uniforms,” said freshman Sean Hockensmith.

The whole team dynamic has changed; most of the recognizable players and coaches have taken their talents away, and the team is coming into this season with a clean slate.

Madhun said this “clean slate” is a reason not to jump on purchasing the jerseys.  

“I think fans have embraced the new look,” he said. “As a consumer and fan though, it is not feasible to buy the new jersey at this time. No one on the roster has a guaranteed spot, and the name on the back of jersey one buys could end up being on a different team the very next day.”

However, he said that this is not indicative of their appreciation for the new style.

“Still, I do not expect sales of the jerseys to indicate the fans satisfaction with them,” he said.  

The new uniforms help to present a changed  team to the public and show the NBA world that the Cavs can move on from losing “he who shall not be named” and be a bigger and better team on the court than they ever were before.