Recycling goes blue

October 28th, 2010

John Carroll University will distribute new, blue recycling bins around campus in an effort to improve recycling efforts on campus. 

Coca-Cola donated 100 large recycling containers as part of the beverage contract it signed with John Carroll University earlier this year, and JCU will provide smaller bins, as well. 

The new bins, both in individual dorm rooms and throughout campus buildings, will reduce the effort students need to apply when recycling. Recycling will become more accessible to the JCU community.

They are also proof that the University is working to rectify problems with the existing recycling program by ensuring that the new bins are distinguishable from trash receptacles. 

The campus Sustainability Committee must supplement the new bins with a campaign to inform students, faculty, staff and administrators about how to sort recyclable material and how sustainability relates to social justice. This should begin immediately. 

The University should not wait to distribute the bins to students in the residence halls. 

The resources are in place to improve recycling efforts on campus now, and the University should begin the process of reorganizing the trash rooms before their tentative plan to do so over winter break. 

The University could make preparations to one dorm at a time and adjust the implementation as it sees fit. 

There is no need to continue to operate with the existing recycling program when more effective and efficient means are available.