eBay: I shop victoriously

October 28th, 2010

This year I discovered that I have an addiction. 

It is nothing illegal, so don’t worry, Mom, but it is serious. My studies, friends and conscience have all been affected, but I can’t help the good feeling I get from clicking a few buttons on the computer. I am talking about eBay.

eBay was founded in 1995, which means while the online auction was starting to commence I was learning my ABCs. Its slogans have ranged from: “Connecting buyers and sellers globally; whatever it is, you can get it on eBay;” and “Shop victoriously!” … and I often am.

I am not the only eBayer in my family; my brother and stepfather have both bought vehicles through the site, and my brother has sold car parts and a tractor – all in hopes of turning a profit.

With my competitive nature and need to see everything through to the end, I will set alarms on my phone and have multiple windows open to the item’s page to make sure I am triumphant.

 Not only are my personality traits aiding me to become eBay’s newest chronic buyer, but once I received my first package in the mail center, a new dimension of joy was added. When I open my JCU mail and read the subject line “You have received a package,” it’s like Christmas.

To think that there is something waiting for me to pick up and unwrap, just automatically puts me in a good mood. With a hectic schedule consisting of classes, two jobs, and multiple student organizations, these little presents break up the monotony, and cause me to sit back and concentrate on something else for a bit.

Sometimes it is not even about the thrill of the auction. With the convenient “Buy It Now” button, the quickness of a successful transaction has become invigorating as well. These purchases even seem more efficient since creating a PayPal account, a site that stores a person’s billing, shipping and credit card info without having to fill it out constantly.

I am not advocating my behavior or shopping habits, but even when discussing things with my roommate, I am not the only one. 

The best solution is to just stop or never start. Like I mentioned before, once I received my first purchase in the mail it has been a biweekly (oh, OK, weekly) occurrence. 

Another answer might just be to reduce the price or types of items you buy. An example might be instead of buying full outfits every time, just bidding on a shirt or an accessory.

These gifts to myself have been limited to DVDs thus far, and I pray to God it stays that way.