Standing up for Democrats

October 28th, 2010

With all due respect to The Carroll News, last week’s “Political Voices” section was incredibly one-sided.  Alix Audi, who wrote for Democrats, offered a balanced assessment of races while Nick Tribuzzo wrote a completely partisan piece that is something you would read on  Here is what should have run for the Democratic side to combat this:

Times are tough, there is no debating that. Unemployment is too high, the deficit will force future generations to climb out of a ditch their parents fell into, and it seems that hate between groups divides the country on too many levels.  Some people insist that a simple solution is to elect Republicans to office this November.  That may be the worst thing that could possibly happen.

The talking heads will claim that a Republican resurgence will solve the first two problems mentioned: unemployment and a spiraling deficit.  Let’s look at the facts: Over the Bush presidency this country ran up a record $1.3 trillion deficit and created a mere 1.08 million jobs compared to President Bill Clinton’s administration that left office with a record $237 billion surplus and created 22.7 million jobs.  Even Tea Party hero President Ronald Reagan left office after running up the deficit.  When Republicans have the power of this government they fall into the same trap time after time, tax cutting followed by no spending cuts. This is not effective deficit spending but rather it is what created an increasingly fragile economic environment when President Barack Obama entered the White House.  

Luckily, POTUS’s Keynesian economic policies have stopped unemployment from reaching predictions that some estimated at 12 percent and others pushed to Great Depression heights. But it is going to take time.  Two years is not enough to fix eight straight years of destructive policies.  They say it takes half as long as you were with a boyfriend/girlfriend to get over them, it is going to take at least that much time to recover from the greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression (where, by the way, Democrats pulled America out of 25 percent unemployment and set up the U.S. to be the strongest country of the 20th century).  

If you think electing the likes of Joe Miller, Sharron Angle, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul and so on will help fix this country, I implore you to look at history and use some common sense rather than giving into fear and being fooled by people in bed with insurance companies, Big Oil and Wall Street.

Sadly, I am approaching 500 words so I won’t have space to talk about hate.  But Blacks, Hispanics, Arabs, LGBTQs and all minorities know that it is one of the biggest problems facing our society and that most Republicans (yes, especially you Governor Brewer and Mr. Paladino) work to advance this hate.  This country will not start the upswing, nor will above prejudices disappear, until both parties eliminate their own pre-conceived hate for each other and work together to get this country on the right track.