Namesakes behind the halls

October 14th, 2010

Campion Hall

Campion Hall has not always been known as “Campion Hall.”  It’s first name was “Gnu Hall” until Nov. 13, 1993 when it was officially named after Campion High School and College located in Prairie Du Chien, Wis.  Many alumni have attended John Carroll. One Campion College alumni, F.J. O’Neil, is responsible for dedicating JCU’s Campion Hall to St. Edmund Campion, an English Jesuit and martyr who was tortured and hanged because of his faith.  

Pacelli Hall

Pacelli Hall was established due to the funding from Father McCue and modern language professor James Peirolo,  and Cleveland’s Italian-American community.  The hall is named after Eugenio Pacelli.  Pacelli is much more commonly known as Pope Pius XII. Before the hall could be recognized as “Pacelli Hall,” JCU had to receive permission from the Vatican to use the Pope’s name. After obtaining this special permission, Pacelli Hall was named after the Pope, and was the first college residence hall to be named after a pope.

 Murphy Hall

In 1964, Murphy Hall was finished and dedicated to Fr. William J. Murphy, S.J. His first position at JCU was as a faculty moderator of athletics.  In 1941, after more than ten years at JCU, he became dean of men, faculty moderator of the band, monitor of Bernet Hall, and representative of the Carroll Union.  

Bernet Hall

In 1935, Bernet Hall was esablished in honor of John J. Bernet, president of the Nickel Plate Railroad. He strongly supported JCU and wanted a dormitory building to be built in his name. In light of this wish, Bernet Hall became the first residence hall at JCU.

 Dolan Hall

Dolan Hall was named after Thomas F. Dolan (1891-1972), a former trustee of John Carroll University, who served from 1949 to 1972. Dolan was also a development chairman at JCU. Dolan, among others, finished funding for Dolan Hall in 1955.  The plaque in the entrance of Dolan Hall reads, “To the Greater Honor and Glory of God” to remind residents and students of the Jesuit mission, “Men and Women for Others.”

Sutowski Hall

Sutowski Hall was established in 1978, fourteen years after Murphy Hall. Sutowski Hall was named in honor of Walter S. Sutowski, businessman for the Freeway Washer Corporation.

Hamlin Hall

Hamlin Hall was built in 1988 and named in recognition of Richard M. Hamlin, a 1949 JCU alumni.  Hamlin left his legacy at JCU and in 1955 was honored as one of the “Fifty Finest Graduates” from the Boler School of Business.  After earning his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from JCU, he became owner and president of The Richard M. Hamlin Construction Company, along with buying out the Hamlin Metal Products Company.  Hamlin also co-founded a manufacturing company known as The Brenlin Group. Hamlin was elected as a member of the John Carroll University Board of Trustees in 1988.  In addition to this contribution, Hamlin was a member of the of the Development and Nominating Committees. 

Millor Hall

Millor Hall was completed in 1981, but was first named “South Hall.” The name wasn’t officially changed to “Millor Hall” until Oct. 24 of that same year.  It was officially renamed in recognition of Rev. William J. Millor, S.J, who was a former headmaster of residence halls at JCU.