Midterm Elections: Democrats

October 14th, 2010

During this year’s turbulent midterm election season, Ohio will once again be at the heart of the battle. Looking first at our gubernatorial race, we see the Democratic incumbent Gov. Ted Strickland in a tough race against Republican Congressman John Kasich. At three weeks out they are focusing on education and job creation in Ohio in their ads. Gov. Strickland touts his plans for the continuation of job creation, education reform, making college more affordable for Ohioans and balancing our state budget on his website. A full list of his stance on issues can be found at Kasich states on his website that he will also work to reform our education system in Ohio and balance our state budget, but does not mention if he will fight for the continuation of low interest loans for Ohioans who wish to attend college. Kasich also places emphasis on his desire to cut taxes in Ohio if elected. A full list of his issues can be found at According to a poll by the Suffolk University Political Research Center in Boston released on Oct. 7, 2010, Kasich is leading the race 46-42 over Strickland with 5 percent undecided.

The second high profile race in Ohio this midterm election is the contest between Democrat Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher and Rob Portman for retiring Republican Sen. George Voinovich’s seat. Portman presently has a 47-37 lead over Fisher according to the same Suffolk University poll I mentioned above. In their most recent debate last Friday in Cleveland the candidates offered their personal take on tax breaks, Social Security, negative attack ads and government bailouts. Both men seemed to agree that jobs are a number one priority, with Fisher defending the numerous jobs he created with Governor Strickland and Portman arguing that more job creation is necessary. To view both candidates’ views on a range of issues, you can visit their official campaign sites and, for Fisher and Portman respectively. The winner of this election will join the now senior senator from Ohio, Sherrod Brown, in Washington. Senator Brown, a Democrat, was elected in 2006.

This has been a very eventful midterm season, especially for us Ohioans. Many issues have been raised and are still being debated as we enter the final three weeks of the campaign. Keep watching both Ohio and the country, and no matter who you are voting for, remember to vote on Nov. 2.