Make some real friends

October 14th, 2010

I know that Facebook is all the rage at this point, but I personally refuse to buy into it. I will admit it, I hate Facebook. It seems that all I ever hear about these days is tagging pictures, writing on walls, and playing (insert any of the number of) Facebook games.

I truly believe that Facebook is a poor use of time. People can sit in front of their computer, not doing research or homework, but wasting precious time looking into other peoples’ lives. I don’t see how searching through someone else’s pictures would be that entertaining.

The idea of Facebook “friends” is bologna. Why don’t you just be friends with people in real life and leave it at that? Does it need to be “Facebook official” to be a verified relationship? A lot of people I know who partake in this Facebook frenzy have “friends” who they have never spoken to before, just seen in passing. This does not sound like a “friendship” to me at all. If you’re going to be friends with someone, your relationship should be strong enough to keep in touch via phone conversation— something more personal than typing on the internet.

In fact, just this morning, somebody I met for the first time asked what my last name was so she could friend me on Facebook. When I told her that I do not have one, she sounded disappointed. I then said, “We could be friends in real life though?” Facebook is overruling human interaction with virtual relationships.

Now, I do understand that people have family and friends from other countries and parts of the world of whom they keep in touch with via Facebook. This is the program’s only defense. 

I do not understand, however, why people who live in close proximity (maybe even in the same hall or campus) talk to each other on Facebook. If you are this close and want to talk, just meet somewhere and converse in person.

Or if you have the lingering urge to comment on their photos, next time you see them simply tell them to their face.

I must add that I did at one time have a Facebook—not by choice. My cousin created it for me. I played around with it for a month or so. I never knew, or cared to learn how to post pictures, or tag people, or poke someone, whatever that means. I just looked at other peoples’ pictures until I realized how useless this activity was of my time. I realized all of the important things I could be doing other than sitting in front of a screen looking at somebody’s drunken pictures and reading people’s status.

Status – that is something I think is extra annoying. I personally don’t care if you are “enjoying an episode of Glee” in the next room.

For all of the Facebook lovers around, partake as you wish, but take this into consideration.