Printers no longer on hold

October 7th, 2010

The printers on campus have experienced several glitches since the John Carroll University computer system was upgraded this summer from Windows XP to Windows 7, the newest version.

One such glitch was the “printer on hold” message that some students got when trying to print.

“I had several issues with printing. I thought I had it, but the computer kept saying the printer was on hold,” said junior Adele Koury. “After several more attempts, I gave up.”

Additionally, some students were having problems with the location where papers were printing. Students would try to print in one location, but their papers would print in another location on campus.

This happened because under the previous system, the only printing options a student had were those of the location where he or she was logged in. However, with Windows 7, when a student logged into a computer all campus printing options available to that student were available no matter where a student was printing.

Junior Sam Scala has encountered this problem.

“I’ve gone to print things out, and they’ve gone to other [printers],” Scala said.

Information Technology Services found that the printer accounting vendor’s software did not work properly under Windows 7.

On Oct. 1, Senior Client/Server Specialist Je Lem, wrote a script to help remove the printers from students’ profiles.

This put students like Scala more at ease.

“Hearing they’re fixed will take down my stress level if I need to print something before class,” said Scala.

Koury has also found her printing problem quelled.

“I had no trouble at all with printing a paper. My problem was fixed,” she said.

Despite the printing problems, James Burke, associate chief information officer, said the system upgrade is positive for JCU.

The upgrade consolidated the Academics and Campus domains into one domain: Campus. Prior to the switch, Microsoft required the two domains to remain separate because of the security differences.

“Folks who had both an Academics account and a Campus account would need to log into each one separately in order to access the resources they needed for specific tasks.  This means they would not have access to all their files from both accounts, not to mention keeping track of multiple passwords,” said Burke.

Another improvement is the elimination of errors regarding roaming profiles, which is information saved to a student’s settings.

“If you were inconvenienced by log off errors last year because your profile was over quota, those errors have been eliminated,” says Burke.

Also, everything saved to a desktop is now automatically saved to back-up files.