Articles published in September, 2010

Peabody’s Downunder: Lengendary concert club provides entertainment for Clevelanders

Located on East 21st street in Cleveland behind the Wolstein Center, The Legendary Peabody’s concert club is the perfect venue to spend any night of the week. 
Originally opened as one stage back in the 1960s, Peabody’s has expanded to three stages, three bars, two floors, and a completely original concert experience. 
“Back in the…

Find unique ways to stay fit with JCU fitness classes

Another school year has started at John Carroll, and once again some students are looking for ways to keep themselves fit. 
Many people look for ways to forget about that big test or important meeting coming up later in the day or week.
Also, people look for classes and programs that branch out from machine…

‘Bodies’ exhibition spotlights anatomy

Whether students are science majors, anatomy gurus, or just plain interested in the makeup of our human figure, “Bodies… The Exhibition” may be the exhibit to see to learn more about the machines humans inhabit.
Currently residing in downtown Cleveland, the exhibit focusing solely on the human form is one of the 12 showings throughout…

Football dropped by Mount Union

Whether it’s home or away, the ability to pull out a win on the football field against the University of  Mount Union, ranked second in the nation by, has been a challenge for all programs over the past two decades.
It’s no different for the John Carroll Blue Streaks, as Saturday’s 51-7 victory gave…

RA training must be consistent

The article in the Sept. 16 issue, “RAs receive inconsistent training,” reported several discrepancies in the application processes and training procedures underwent by resident assistants at John Carroll University.
Nine RAs were hired after an e-mail sent to JCU students advertised open positions on July 15, several months after the initial hiring process in February.…

Rec Plex kicks cancer

John Carroll groups participate in young boy’s kickball fundraiser

Promised program becomes a reality

Sept. 17 marked the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Coburn Bicycle Co-op. Along with University Heights Mayor Susan Infeld, members of the John Carroll community gathered in the Lombardo Student Center for the ceremony.
The vision of late Professor Miles Coburn of the biology department has become a reality thanks to the dedication of JCU’s Environmental…

The Bayer Necessities: Unnecessary Roughness

Five years ago, my mom bought me a Ben Roethlisberger jersey and said, “Go Steelers.” She told me to wear it on game days to support the Black and Gold. What she didn’t say was, “Here, Bri – take this jersey and emulate Big Ben’s moral code.” In fact, it would’ve been strange if she…

Niehoff stops by SU

The Rev. Robert Niehoff, S.J., president of John Carroll University, addressed student senators and an audience of one student and a few administrators at the weekly Student Union meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 21. Issues discussed during the question-and-answer session were plans for the former Bohannon Science Center, parking on campus, the University’s relationship with University…

Cross country fares well at Catholic Championships

The women’s cross country team has been in top form to open the 2010 season, and coaches across the region are taking notice. 
The Blue Streak women were voted the seventh-best Division III team in the Great Lakes region in the Cross Country Coaches Association rankings last week after opening the season with solid performances…

Name That Toon!: 9-23-2010

What the toon doesn’t say about the tune: “Let the time pass ’cause we’re never getting old.”…

Days are numbered for Bohannon

The construction of the Dolan Center for Science and Technology in 2003 made the Bohannon Science Center obsolete on the John Carroll campus. 
Over the past seven years, the University has considered many ideas for the use of the space that Bohannon currently occupies. Due to budget constraints and the cost of demolition, the administration…

That's what See said: Streak up or die, there is no try

Being the jaded senior that I am, I often ask myself questions about how on top of their game the student body is. I hear a lot of students say that they don’t read the All-Stu anymore, which means a couple things. One, they should probably rename it to the Some-Stu at this point, and…

Volleyball wins six matches in five days

John Carroll University’s volleyball team faced a rigorous schedule recently with six matches in five days from Sept. 14 through Sept. 18, but they made their jobs look easy as they won all six matches in impressive fashion. 
The first of six wins came on Sept. 14 against Ursuline College at the Tony DeCarlo Varsity…

Sher It Like It Is: Stop contacting me

JCU seems to be ahead of the game with finding the latest ways to reach us. 
Aside from the text message alert, which I support (except when I get a monthly text notification at 2:14 a.m.), JCU is abusing their ability to contact us. Right now that includes Blackboard, BannerWeb, and OrgSync. 
E-mail, a class…

Bohannon still standing

What used to be the Bohannon Science Center has stood vacant between the Boler School of Business and the Dolan Center for Science and Technology since January 2009.
The building will possibly be demolished and in its place a surface parking lot and additional green space will be constructed in the next year or two,…

Tim's Turn: I’ve reached the breaking point

I love the Cleveland Browns. I can’t say that enough or with enough enthusiasm. It’s sickening how much I love them. 
I love them. I love them. I love them. You get the point.
But it’s getting to be quite clear that they don’t love me back and it’s getting old.
Every Sunday it’s the…

OurView: A farmer’s life is not a life for me

“Danny, you should probably start looking for a job.”
Gee, thanks Mom.
In the back of my mind all through Christmas break last year, I knew that I should probably start looking for some type of summer employment. After all, I was going to be broke by May because school tuition had dried up my…

Sophomore Checkups offer guidance

Second year initiative proves to be informative for returning students

Blue Streak men’s and women’s soccer round-up

 The John Carroll women’s soccer team has one goal in mind: improve upon their semifinal exit in the Ohio Athletic Conference Tournament from a year ago.  
The Blue Streaks totaled a 3-8-1 record a year ago in non-conference play before going 6-2-1 to finish the season.
The women are well on their way to…

John Carroll appeals UH’s motion regarding ROTC house

John Carroll University, which was hoping to transition one of its properties in University Heights from residential to ROTC offices, recently appealed the City’s motion allowing it to do so. It was certain City stipulations that made JCU reject the offer. 
According to Dora Pruce, JCU’s director of government and community relations, the University was…

The Greener Side: Gaga gets political

Lady Gaga showed her support for the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” in a YouTube video released Friday. Specifically, Gaga called on several Republican senators, asking them to allow the issue to go to vote.
As a policy, DADT is the problem-solving equivalent of duct tape – a quick fix for when the acting…

New facility ‘Inspiral Motion’ offers energy-raising classes

Recently opened within walking distance of John Carroll University’s campus is the new energy center Inspiral Motion.  The facility, located above Pizzazz on the Circle, offers classes in pilates, yoga  Gyrokinesis and Gyrotonic.
While some are familiar with yoga and pilates classes, not much is known about the Gyrotonic Expansion System.  Inspiral Motion offers classes…

NHL 11: EA takes a step back, but still shines

For the better part of a decade, EA   Sports’ NHL franchise has dominated the hockey gaming landscape.
Last year’s release had such a firm hold on the market that it forced the cancellation of rival 2K sport’s game for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles this year.
That fact seems to be both a…

Google’s new tool allows faster search time for users

Google’s new search enhancement, Google Instant, may amaze users.
Using Google Instant will make searches faster, easier and more accurate.
Google Instant allows users to see results as they type. When Google technicians designed this new search engine, they had a particular insight in mind.
Typically, people take 300 milliseconds between keystrokes, but only 30…