The most impressive midges

September 30th, 2010

Let me begin by stating that I am a long-time supporter of this award-winning newspaper and appreciate all the hard work put forth from everyone involved that allows this paper to be made available week after week.

However, I must comment on the inappropriateness of the, “That’s What See Said” column that appeared in the Sept. 23 edition. I understand that this column is an opinion column and does not necessarily reflect the views of the entire Carroll News staff, but The Carroll News has no right to publish such a slanderous article about another on-campus organization.

To make matters even worse, this article appeared in the Homecoming weekend edition of the paper.

Alumni often read the paper’s Homecoming edition and likely would have read this particular article. Unfortunately, I am sure that many alumni, after reading Mr. Seeholzer’s column, have questioned the unity and spirit of the Carroll community.

That being said, I would like to provide an alternative viewpoint of the John Carroll football team for those who have been misinformed and now hold the team in a negative light.

The day-to-day requirements of every member of the 152-man team are so tedious; it’s hard to believe these guys are full-time students. Every day each player dedicates an average of four hours for practice, film study, in-season workouts, and team meetings just to be competitive in the OAC (perennially the most competitive conference in all of Division III football).

Despite this time-consuming requirement, 24 players were recognized as Scholar Athletes last season. Additionally two-players were even recognized as All-Conference and All-District representatives for their academic achievements last year.

These men also are willing to participate in community building activities annually during their offseason. The team posts near 100 percent participation in the “Cultivating Community” program every year. I am willing to bet that the children of St. Thomas Aquinas don’t agree with the author’s description of the team as being “useless” or an “annoyance.” The team also has a very large presence at the “Relay for Life” event held every spring, and has been recognized as having the most spirited showing at the Relay on more than one occasion.

The team actively supports many other organizations on campus. I am sure Coach Moran can vouch for the support the team has shown for the basketball Blue Streaks every winter.

I am not discounting the hard work of students involved in other sports and organizations.

I respect the discipline it takes to be a student athlete of any sport, to actively be involved in a campus group, or to stay up all night every Tuesday to make sure the newspaper is printed on time to hit campus Thursday morning. People need to know how hard this particular group works every fall just for privilege of wearing that gold helmet on Saturdays.

Anyone who still thinks this team is a group of overly-cocky, unworthy “midges” can head over to Don Shula Stadium and inform the team face-to-face.