New programs explore Cleveland

September 30th, 2010

Students will gain credit and experience the City

John Carroll University is bringing a new Friday night learning opportunity for students. This opportunity is Experiential Learning. 

Jointly sponsored by Student Affairs and the College of Arts and Sciences, this new one credit, non-core class is expected to be offered next year in an attempt to assimilate students with the Cleveland community and all that it has to offer, particularly the arts.

Students can choose between four courses: Film in Cleveland, Music in Cleveland, Cleveland’s Ethnic Communities, and Cleveland’s Emerald Necklace (the environment). Each class will meet four times a semester at an off-campus location.  

Jeanne Colleran, dean of the Colleges of Arts and Sciences, said, “The film goers may go to the Cleveland International Film Festival and the Cedar Lee; the music lovers might take in a concert at the Beachland Ballroom and the Cleveland Orchestra. The ‘Cleveland’s Ethnic Communities’ course will involve touring neighborhoods, having special meals, etc. The ‘Emerald Necklace’ [course] will be about Cleveland’s natural resources.”

Student reaction to the Experiential Learning Program seems to be very positive, thus far. However, several students have an issue with  the proposed day of the program.

Freshman Joe Lero said, “[It] sounds like a sweet idea, and I would totally be interested except for the fact that I work on Saturday mornings.”  

Freshman Sean Kirby also had an issue with the program occurring on a Friday night.

 “Hypothetically, I’d do it, except I have service every Saturday morning,” said Kirby.

Official times and dates are still being worked out though.

The courses will be taught by a faculty member and a Student Affairs professional.  In order to receive credit for the course, students must take part in all four meetings and write reflection papers after each one for a pass/fail grade.  

In terms of payment and credit hours, the student fee and flat tuition rate cover the cost of the program. This includes all of the meals, tickets and transportation. However, if students have more than 18 credits, they will have to pay for the course and its added expenses on their own.    

Registration for the Experiential Learning Program will begin after midterms. Advertisements and announcements will be sent to the student body through e-mail and academic advising. 

The courses will meet for the first time in the fall of 2011.  

Junior Peter Hayden, a Student Union senator involved in the program, said, “I know that if given the opportunity to see Cleveland instead of partying, which gets a little old after a while, the students would become more enriched with diversity and knowledge of the city.”