Blue Streaks unite

September 30th, 2010

Being a student-athlete on John Carroll’s campus is a rather popular thing. Walking anywhere around campus, you will run into at least one or two athletes.

Tennis, baseball, soccer, softball, volleyball, basketball, cross country, track and football athletes might range in athletic talent, but we all have something in common. We all compete in one of the toughest NCAA Division III conferences, and we all work for the common goal to win as a team.

Whether our record is 0-10 or 10-0, we all thrive to the best of our ability as a team. And while we do this, we all have that same John Carroll Blue Streak logo tapered upon our chests.

Looking from the outside in, it’s really hard to understand why teams act and handle themselves the way they do.

The track team running in tiny shorts makes little sense to me, but it seems to work for them. I’ve always questioned why they do this, but I’m sure they question why we practice for months upon months in the gym before we ever get outside onto a field for our [softball] season.

Who are any of us to question another team’s motive? They’re doing what they do to win. As an athlete, you do everything to win. Do you not?

So when the John Carroll football team chants “Streaks’ House,” does it really bother campus all that much?  If it does, then don’t go to the games. It’s an easy way to get your point across, and it’s as simple as that.

It’s the chants that no one understands; the looks that you get when you walk as a team to eat in the dining hall; and the laughs you get over the simplest thing that the outside world just doesn’t understand that makes a team unique.

It’s hard to look at a team from the outside in, because you can’t understand that team fully unless you are a part of it. It’s like a family. That’s what makes a team unique. That’s where I believe the bond of a team is made.

Speaking as a John Carroll softball player I can honestly say I love yelling “Johnny C” at the top of my lungs when we are finished with practice. I love sporting my “John Carroll Softball” backpack to class everyday while I’m wearing my softball sweats. Ask any one of my teammates, and they’ll tell you the same thing.

You might ask why do I love it, but it’s because I feel my teammates and I have earned the right to wear it. We are dedicated, focused and committed to our team, and proud to be a part of it.

I pride myself in being a Blue Streak, as should every student-athlete here. We don’t play because we have scholarships; we play because we are passionate and absolutely love the game we’re great at.

It shouldn’t matter what your record is. As a student-athlete, you take time out of your day to give 110 percent mentally and physically to your team and coaches in order to prepare your team to compete.

You’re not getting paid. You’re doing it for the sole purpose that you love the game.

Now you’re probably wondering where I’m getting at with all of this, but as student-athletes we are all linked because we are all BLUE STREAKS. When we compete on the field, on the track, on the court, we are all competing as John Carroll University students. We make up the Blue Streak athletes on campus, and we should all pride ourselves in this – regardless of our record, roster size, or the chants we yell to get our team pumped that others just might not understand.

Instead of pointing fingers at each other, we should be united in the fact that we are all working for the common goal, and that is to be a representative of the John Carroll athletic program. We may lose game after game, but it’s your teammates that are there to help you up when you fall down. I think it should be taken a step further and not just be your teammates but also your fellow athletes. Blue Streaks Unite.