‘Glee’ success continues to hit a high note

September 30th, 2010

“I’m off to notify the Ohio Secretary of State that I will no longer be carrying photo ID … because people should know who I am.”

As TV’s newest bully Sue Sylvester is well aware, the hit FOX series “Glee” is kind of a big deal.

Almost 13 million people tuned in to watch the “Glee” cast return to the airwaves on Sept. 21 for a second season.

The show’s winning combination of eccentric but lovable characters, and fantastic covers of hit songs have made it into a cultural phenomenon loved by people across the world.

When the show first appeared on TV, many people compared the new show to the smash hit “High School Musical.”

But from the very first episode, the show’s mature references and quick wit proved to an audience of adults and kids that this was not just another show about singing.

Complete with all the drama of teen pregnancy, constant backstabbing, and a power-hungry cheerleading coach, “Glee” is the edgier, more controversial older sibling of “High School Musical.”

JCU freshman Jasmine Brown agrees, and thinks “Glee” is a more successful show.

“Glee had a great start to the season,” she said. “I’m looking forward to seeing more.”

If this season is anything like last, it will feature covers of popular songs and plenty of choreographed numbers.”

Although Fox’s show does have some cringe-worthy moments of spontaneous singing and dancing, most of the show’s song and dance numbers are subtler.

Still, the covers of famous songs are a large part of what have helped to make “Glee” the huge success that it is.

They bring older, possibly forgotten songs and artists back to life, while giving new ones, such as the recently popular Travie McCoy and Bruno Mars song “Billionaire,” a unique spin on the original track.

“Glee” is widely known for boosting Journey back up to glory with their immensely popular cover of “Don’t Stop Believing.”

It was only appropriate then, that the band was featured in the first season’s finale as the “New Directions” glee club competed in regionals.

The show has also devoted entire episodes to specific artists, such as  Madonna.

According to Entertainment Weekly, “Glee’s” second season is set to feature songs by Britney Spears and from the cult-classic “Rocky Horror Picture Show.”

In just one season, the show has transformed from the little-show-that-could to a hit TV sensation adored by “Gleeks” around the world.

We can only hope that “Glee’s” sophomore year can live up to the high standard that it has set for itself.

Glee airs on Fox Tuesdays at 8 p.m.