Stop contacting me

September 23rd, 2010

JCU seems to be ahead of the game with finding the latest ways to reach us. 

Aside from the text message alert, which I support (except when I get a monthly text notification at 2:14 a.m.), JCU is abusing their ability to contact us. Right now that includes Blackboard, BannerWeb, and OrgSync. 

E-mail, a class all on its own, consists of: All-Stus, messages sent in OrgSync, Speedbumps, the church bulletin, Center for Service and Social Action newsletter, the Student Union newsletter, and the Weekend Wowzer. I’m sure there are a few I’m forgetting, but thank goodness The Carroll News is still available in print.

I would hope you agree that it is getting a little out of hand. Therefore, I have chosen only to respond to two. I understand that there are many organizations on this campus and they all need to reach the students, but my electronic world is becoming overpopulated.

Since I’m feeling nice, and JCU probably won’t change their system anytime soon, let’s choose four. I’ll give them two educational resources and two social. 

I see the purpose of BannerWeb, although I find it difficult to use and think its features like “what-if analysis” are underutilized. I am a huge fan of Blackboard. Most of my teachers seem to need a refresher course on its capabilities, but when used properly, it can assist in everything from tracking my grades to class discussions. You can also check grades on BannerWeb, but it isn’t as clear and often only registers if you’re failing (perhaps too little, too late).

OrgSync is the most unnecessary program at JCU. I couldn’t find the price on the official website, but even if we’re paying $5 a year, why was it necessary to purchase this program? I remember when SUPB (yes, before my days of The CN I dabbled in other organizations) used Blackboard as a forum to reach its members.

If OrgSync is the way of the future, maybe I’m too old to care. I know they used it for Homecoming voting, so there must be some beneficial qualities, but I would find it hard to believe that JCU doesn’t also have a subscription to Survey Monkey.

So, decision made: BannerWeb and Blackboard. Both should be explored further to see exactly what they have to offer, but are good resources.

As for all of these ridiculous e-mails, we can already rule out messages sent through OrgSync because I’m doing away with the system. I’m a fan of quotes, but I think once a week would do, so let’s throw Speedbumps in with the church bulletin. The majority of people reading the church bulletin are also reading the CSSA newsletter, so let’s lump those together too. I don’t know anyone who reads the SU newsletter, no offense guys. Maybe you should just put something in the All-Stu. The only problem with that is no one reads the All-Stus either. 

In case you didn’t pick up on it, we’re keeping the church bulletin. We do go to a Jesuit institution after all. Surprisingly, my second choice is the All-Stus that no one reads. I picked this because I think if we weren’t inundated by other campus e-mail crap we’d be more likely to read them. I’m sure SU can include a link to their newsletter and the Weekend Wowzer. 

So that’s it. For educational purposes you can reach me on BannerWeb and Blackboard. Social needs can be publicized with the electronic church bulletin and the All-Stu. The rest might as well be sent to the spam folder.