Peabody’s Downunder: Lengendary concert club provides entertainment for Clevelanders

September 23rd, 2010

Located on East 21st street in Cleveland behind the Wolstein Center, The Legendary Peabody’s concert club is the perfect venue to spend any night of the week. 

Originally opened as one stage back in the 1960s, Peabody’s has expanded to three stages, three bars, two floors, and a completely original concert experience. 

“Back in the mid–1960s the venue was opened as one stage in the Flats,” said owner Chris Zitterbart. “I’d say we officially opened as Peabody’s around 1977.” 

With tickets purchased mostly on the Internet, Zitterbart stressed the advantage of checking out Peabody’s website, as it is a great spot to check for free tickets or giveaways for special shows.

With the cost of day-to-day living constantly rising, finding a reasonably priced evening is sometimes difficult to do. But with concert tickets priced between $6 and $29, shows have become cost-effective and nearly impossible to pass up. 

Zitterbart also mentioned that shows can “sometimes sell out weeks in advance.”

The three types of various stages Peabody’s features include the main stage, Pirates Cove, and the Rock Star stage.  The main stage is where visitors can find the headliners. 

However, Pirates Cove has been home to many local underground punk bands along with some bigger names. The Rock Star stage has been played by names like the Ataris and Wiz Khalifa. This stage also features comedy performances frequently showcased. 

All these stages provide what Zitterbart described as “that edgy underground experience” perfect for that up close and personal feel with your favorite performances.

Zitterbart explained that what sets this venue apart from others in the area, is that Peabody’s is the perfect size.   

According to the owner, it is bigger than most but not so large that it loses its underground feel. 

Peabody’s also features its own Battle of the Bands for aspiring artists and musicians. 

With no entry fee and any band welcome to enter, this recurring Saturday and Sunday event held during the year awards the winner with a grand prize of $1,000 in cash, $1,000 in studio time provided by Lava Room recordings and a headlining spot at Peabody’s. 

If one is already an established band looking for a date to play, Zitterbart suggests calling the booking office, just be sure to know what kind of sound it is you play. 

He is proud that Peabody’s supports the local bands.

“I think what makes us so important to Cleveland is that we really are the independent rock club of the rock and roll capital,” Zitterbart said. “We’re a do-it-yourself business, and proud of it.”