Find unique ways to stay fit with JCU fitness classes

September 23rd, 2010

Another school year has started at John Carroll, and once again some students are looking for ways to keep themselves fit. 

Many people look for ways to forget about that big test or important meeting coming up later in the day or week.

Also, people look for classes and programs that branch out from machine and cardio work. 

This fall, students can participate in many programs that vary from the traditional workout pattern; classes like cycling, power yoga and Pilates. 

All classes are paid for primarily by the Student Activity Fee, with some sessions requiring a small fee. Many of the classes are available to members of the community who pre-register, while students are free to attend any sessions. 

Where cycling is concerned,  according to the LiveStrong Foundation, cycling class is one of the most efficient ways to burn calories and lose weight. 

Freshman Kelsey Aerni raved about the effects John Carroll’s cycling class has had on her. 

“The combination of strobe lights and music creates a unique environment,” she said. “Steven [the instructor] really knows how to motivate you and get you to work up a sweat.” 

Aerni said, “[It is a] difficult but rewarding class.” The hour-long cycling class takes place Monday through Friday in the group fitness studio.

According to WebMD, learning and practicing relaxation techniques like meditation and yoga, for stress management has numerous health benefits, like better sleep and more energy throughout the day. 

Also offered in the group fitness studio is a power yoga class. 

Stephanie Vondra, a sophomore, said it is a perfect class for someone looking for a challenging yet relaxing experience. 

“It was a very tranquil environment, with very calming music to relax to,” said Vondra. 

Others found the class helped after just one session. “It definitely helped me,” said sophomore Ben Rossi. “It was difficult, but I felt much more relaxed and flexible after I left the class.” 

Seven power yoga sessions are available to students throughout the week at various times to accommodate different school schedules.

Pilates is also offered as a class for students looking for an alternative to power yoga. 

“To me, I found it to be a more energetic class as opposed to the relaxing power yoga,” sophomore Jen Morell said. “You work with weights and bands and more physical things than yoga.” 

Morell added that while both were rewarding, Pilates and yoga had two distinct styles that would benefit different people.

In addition to cycling, yoga and Pilates, the group fitness studio offers many other programs for students looking to stay active. 

Kickboxing, salsa dancing and Zumba are also offered every week and can be joined at any time. For more information on any of these classes, contact the recreation desk at x1610.