The trifecta of trashiness, over-glorified

September 16th, 2010

Leave it up to Hollywood to promote a “positive” image, and E!News to lionize it with news coverage.

They wouldn’t exactly be deemed Hollywood’s leading ladies, but since Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, and Nicki “Snooki” Polizzi have recently been all over celebrity news coverage, they’re pretty high on Hollywood’s walk of “shame” scale. But even sadder than the notion of their careers going down the drain is the continuous coverage their actions have received. 

Personally, I like to hear celebrity news only if I’m watching E!News.  I don’t turn on Fox News to hear about Lindsay Lohan serving time; I turn it on to hear newsworthy pieces. Whereas I should be matching candidates’ viewpoints with their faces, I get to see the dazed and confused expressions of worthless celebrities.

Hilton goes to jail the first time in 2007 and receives a People magazine cover upon release, covering her time behind bars.  Now arrested a second time this past August for cocaine possession, she received enough news time to noticeably deviate from actually newsworthy events, such as the “Restoring Freedom” rally in Washington, D.C. or the five-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

Lohan served 14 of her 90-day sentence in jail for violating probation.  However, it was the so-called actress mouthing off to the judge via her nail polish that kept reporters buzzing for days. When they could have been making important news reports on the mid-term elections, Lohan’s nails inked with “F U” seemed to trump news on Joe Miller running for Alaska senate as well as the controversy surrounding the creation of a mosque near Ground Zero in New York City.  

Also, why should any of us be concerned about the “special treatment” Lohan is receiving in jail and the fuss the other inmates are making? What makes that of interest to the public?

Lastly, who wouldn’t have heard the news about Snooki from the “Jersey Shore” being arrested for bothering beachgoers with her intoxicated antics?  The “Jersey Shore” cast member was fined $500 for her drunken behavior and ordered to do community service.  Celebrity news guru E!News cast its focus on the story for what seemed like hours, replaying the segments covering Polizzi. 

The entertainment news outlet should have spent all the time it squandered on Snook’s story covering the horrible situation that is Michael Douglas’ cancer.

It is truly disappointing that news reporters dwell on the lowly actions of these trashy people, when they could be educating the public on much more important issues.  Glorifying it will only draw more desired attention on the trashy star, thus leading naive teenagers to follow in their troublesome footsteps.  Most likely (as witnessed in Paris Hilton’s case) these Hollywood women will be arrested again and convicted of another felony in the future.  Don’t spend the ungodly amount of time on it, because it’ll probably happen again.  Or leave it to Perez Hilton to dwell on; after all, that is the point of his website.