New facility ‘Inspiral Motion’ offers energy-raising classes

September 16th, 2010

Recently opened within walking distance of John Carroll University’s campus is the new energy center Inspiral Motion.  The facility, located above Pizzazz on the Circle, offers classes in pilates, yoga  Gyrokinesis and Gyrotonic.

While some are familiar with yoga and pilates classes, not much is known about the Gyrotonic Expansion System.  Inspiral Motion offers classes for the technique that stimulates the cardiovascular, skeletal, and muscular systems of the body.

“Essentially what the Gyrotonic Expansion System does is it has its specific focus on opening all of the joints,” said founder and owner Lisa Lansing. “When doing this exercise, the muscles elongate and lengthen, so one has maximum flexibility.”

For those like sophomore Anthony Colacarro, who are unfamiliar with the practices the Gyrotonic Expansion system, gyrotonic is a workout applied to specialized machinery such as the gyrotonic “Pulley Tower.”

These exercises, using certain machinery, “gives guys the opportunity to get involved in fitness classes besides yoga,” said Colacarro.

Done with the same methodology though machine-free, Gyrokinesis, can be done either with a stool or a specialized mat made just for this exercise.

Gyrokinesis techniques can also be used by dancers, new moms, and everyday people suffering from ailments such as chronic shoulder, neck and back pain, even those suffering from strokes and sclerosis.

“For dancers, taking classes in Gyrokinesis keeps them agile, flexible and [makes them] more strong,” said Lansing.  It also keeps hyper-mobile dancers less prone to injury.”

Athletes at John Carroll may find an interest in any of the classes offered by Inspiral Motion, as they all promote flexibility.

“As a cheerleader, we’re constantly going to yoga classes to stay in shape and flexible,” said senior Marissa Schultz.  “I’m sure many students involved in fitness activities for Carroll will look into taking classes at this facility.”

According to its website, Inspiral Motion’s philosophy is to “move you, cue you, laugh with you, and help you.” Lansing is one of the many instructors at the studio who helps in fulfilling the facility’s philosophy.

Lansing said she knew she was “destined to teach people how to move.”  She even held private classes in Gyrotonics with former Cleveland Cavaliers Center Shaquille O’Neal.

“Working with O’Neal, we focused on opening his hips and shoulders to allow him to become more flexible and limber,” said Lansing.  “He became a lot more flexible, and always talked about how amazing he felt after he was finished.”

John Carroll students choosing to take classes will feel right at home with alumni Lisa Foster-Smith instructing many of the studio’s Pilates classes.  Specializing in small group classes of no more than eight, students are able to experience personal attention and hands-on time within each hour to hour-and-a-half class.

Until the end of the year, students will be able to take advantage of mat classes, which will be “buy one get one free” on Thursday nights starting Sept. 3, and Sundays at 2 p.m. beginning Oct. 3. This way, students can grab a friend and enjoy high quality instruction for a low price.

“I am going to look into taking classes, because my current yoga classes are extremely expensive and a far distance,” said Schultz.  “Anything that close to campus is really nice for students.”

However, perhaps most important is the ability Inspiral Motion’s classes have to relieve stress.  According to Lansing, the facility’s yoga, pilates, Gyrotonic, and Gyrokinesis classes will help with mind/body focus.

“Students will be able to block out the thoughts of the schoolwork, and these classes serve as a moment to stay focused on their body so they can achieve stress relief,” she said.

Students can find relief by taking advantage of the two-for-one deal through the end of the year, getting two classes for $10.

“Having a moment of solitude within your own body can help achieve a stress-free lifestyle,” said Lansing.  “Inspiral Motion an opportunity for students to take time for themselves.”