Google’s new tool allows faster search time for users

September 16th, 2010

Google’s new search enhancement, Google Instant, may amaze users.

Using Google Instant will make searches faster, easier and more accurate.

Google Instant allows users to see results as they type. When Google technicians designed this new search engine, they had a particular insight in mind.

Typically, people take 300 milliseconds between keystrokes, but only 30 milliseconds to glance at another part of the page. This means that one can skim through a page of results while they type.

Since users can read more quickly than they can type, they will get to see the desired results much faster, saving up to five seconds per search.

The most obvious change with Google Instant is the results begin showing as soon as users begin typing.

One doesn’t even have to finish typing his or her complete search term, or even click on the ‘search’ button, for results to appear.

As soon as users see what they need, they can stop typing and click on the page that they want.

Even when searchers are not sure what they are looking for, predictions will help guide them. The best prediction is shown in grey text directly in the search box.

All of these features make the design of the search engine smart and easy to use.

Google Instant will be especially useful to students with their research projects and other assignments when they need information quickly.

Many students already have opinions about it.

“It’s pretty crazy how fast my search results showed up,” said freshman Jesse Szymanski.

Another student, senior Marie Alnadi, just recently discovered Google Instant.

“When I first saw it I was like ‘whoa what is that!’ It kind of confused me at first. But it was convenient and it made things easier.”

Even students that have only heard about it, but never used it, still have input on this new search engine.

Although junior Kristen Love has never used it, she thinks it sounds beneficial.

“That actually sounds like it would be extremely helpful,” said Kristen, “and I’m sure it will be nice to be able to see other topics related to what you’re searching for.”

Although there is an obvious difference between Google Instant and regular Google, users will not feel like they’re making that big of a transition.

For more browsers, to access Google Instant users will still go to as usual and the page will appear to be exactly the same.

The beauty of this is it will make all users already feel familiar with Google Instant even if they have never used it. Users will notice the difference when they begin typing.

Those using Google Instant will be pleasantly surprised by the difference while still being comfortable with the system at the same time.

Due to this new feature, along with faster, easier, more accurate searches, Google Instant is currently unlike any other search engine.