Carroll fans get crazy

September 16th, 2010

 President of the Carroll Crazies, senior Alicia Giannell, came to Jane Evans, the current adviser of the organization, with a plan. She was determined to create more JCU spirit.

 “This is my senior year, and I have wanted to do this forever. This summer and the end of my junior year it finally happened,” said Giannell. “I want to come back as an alumnus and see JCU have spirit!”

 The new group is planning events for all of the home football games, a few men’s and women’s soccer games, two hockey games, men’s and women’s basketball, one indoor track meet, baseball and softball games, and a wrestling match.

The free T-shirts that have been given out to promote the Carroll Crazies have the schedule printed on the back and it can also be found on the Carroll Crazies Facebook page.

“Alicia Giannell came to me with the concept, which is designed similar to many other collegiate spirit groups,” said Evans.

“I think the big push is to create a stronger sense of spirit, especially at our home athletic events, [where] regular season competitions are always free to JCU students.” 

With their own table set up at the Student Involvement Fair last Friday, the group received a lot of positive feedback from current JCU students.

“Fan support plays a big role in how athletic teams perform so I think it’s a great thing hat the Carroll Crazies are doing by bringing fans into the stands and building a John Carroll tradition,” senior Jay Campara said.

All of the officers, including Vice President Josh Rentz, Financial Officer Maureen Creighton, Secretary Ashley Bauer, and Public Relations Representatives, Samantha Staab and Kara Lamb, are varsity athletes.

Not only does the support come from athletes, but also from other members of the JCU community.

“Their efforts will be supported through funding requests to Student Activities as well as to an Athletic Spirit Fund,” said Evans. 

“A number of different people and groups are backing our start-up efforts—from athletics to integrated marketing and communications. The folks in residence life had created a ‘pack the stands’ challenge last year during football season that we will run with again.”

Even the cheerleaders have become involved with planning some of the events at games. “The John Carroll Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) will also be involved with supporting their fellow athletes through the Carroll Crazies events,” Evans said.

“The Carroll Crazies was just an idea from the basketball games. All the football players got together, dressed up, and cheered. I thought, ‘What if we got everyone to do this, but officially and with all the sports?’” said Giannell.

Even on the long Labor Day weekend, JCU students packed three buses to go to the away football game against Case Western Reserve University. 

“This is a strong indicator of the level of interest in this type of student organization and we will do all that we can within our resources to continue to develop it,” said Evans.

A lot of effort has been put into this group to make the Carroll Crazies what it is and what it will be in the future. 

Hopefully, the campus will see Giannell’s goal for future JCU students, “The Craziest Fans in the Stands!” in the next year and beyond.