Garlic Festival adds flavor to Cleveland

September 9th, 2010

On Saturday, Sept. 11, the first Cleveland Garlic Festival will take place in Shaker Square.  The North Union Farmers Market is hosting the festival. All of the proceeds will support the NUFM’s mission of having people buy more locally grown foods and “spread the love of garlic” to the Cleveland area.

The NUFM rules the local food industry of Northeast Ohio and takes part in promoting the product’s various benefits by pairing certified producers with consumers through a network of markets.

According to, the NUFM has four goals: “supply the community with the freshest, most nutritious food – harvested ripe and brought fresh to market, support growth and incubate over 300 small businesses in Northeast Ohio, stimulate the local economy by keeping money in our communities and keep Ohio land producing food and supporting families, which saves farms from destruction.”

The festival will kick off at 1 p.m. and will continue until Sunday, Sept. 12 at 8 p.m.-.

Musicians will be playing throughout the day, and there will be diverse vendors from local restaurants, such as Bistro 185, La Campagna, and Coquette Patisserie.

There will also be other local venders such as MZ Beads, and local artists that will be selling their work at the festival.

During the festival, grill-offs will feature local chefs, local meat, and local garlic.

There will also be two bake-offs: one for garlic cookies and brownies, and one for vegetarians.

An event called The Server Rodeo where Cleveland’s top servers compete to see who has the best skills, will also take place.

All of the food that weekend will be garlic-themed, with attendees tasting everything from ice cream to oysters.

“This event showcases the tremendous culinary talent here in Northeast Ohio,” said Donita Anderson, executive director of the North Union Farmers’ Market.

Anderson hopes it is a festival that will become a success and end up being a staple in Cleveland for many years to come.

“Many people are not aware that Ohio garlic has a singular special quality because of the soil. This means greater anti-viral health and most importantly, the best garlic in the world,” said Anderson.