DVD Kiosk makes red carpet debut

September 9th, 2010

The campus had a few changes made to its exterior and interior over the summer, but another new addition will soon be installed in the Lombardo Student Center.

Starting on Wednesday, Sept. 8, John Carroll students will be able to rent movies and video games from the new QUICKflick DVD Kiosk, which will be located next to the stairwell outside the Inn-Between. John Carroll alumni Melvin Reyes ’08 and William E. Bargar ’09 were interning at Bowden Manufacturing Corp. when the company asked the pair what sort of business they would start if given a few thousand dollars.

The two thought a company that provided RedBox Kiosks to college campuses would have a high demand.

“The RedBox company did not seem interested in franchising out to college students,” said Reyes.

The two still felt that DVD rentals on campus would be successful, so they began to look to other machine brands.

QUICKflick is a Canadian-based company that provides self-service DVD rental terminals to a range of clientele. JCU is the second location where Reyes and Bargar will install a kiosk.  Along with the machine’s installation, a new website is being launched solely for the John Carroll and Solon locations.

“It will allow students to reserve products online and see what’s in stock,” said Reyes.

The QUICKflick machines are currently the biggest rental terminals in the market, each box holding up to 1400 disks, including Blu-ray discs and video games.

Having once been students on this campus, Reyes and Bargar feel that the boxes will cater to the student body’s interests. Talks of putting the kiosk on campus started in December of last year with Andrew Fronczek, director of purchasing and auxiliary services.

“We got the go-ahead to have the boxes installed by March, however the machine brand we were working with at that time was not compliant with the location,” Reyes said.

Now that all of the major issues have been worked out, the machines will be installed on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.  Reyes and Bargar have hired interns who will be in charge of monitoring the kiosks, and will also be on campus to recruit more interns.  Additionally, 10 percent of the proceeds for the kiosk will be donated to the Entrepreneur Association.

“This program has been made by students for students, so we want to make sure that JCU students are involved.  We want to know [students’] input and any suggestions on how to make things better,” said Reyes.

Students seem excited about the prospect of renting movies on campus.

“It’s a fantastic idea,” sophomore Julia Muglia said. “[It will be] very convenient.”

Sophomore Rashelle Stelbasky said having something on campus similar to RedBox makes her happy.

“I do think it will be an asset,” junior Mark Ehrbar said. “Popularity will grow with it.”