Campus buildings get a facelift

September 9th, 2010

Not only is summer over, but so are some of the John Carroll University campus renovations.

Hamlin Residence Hall received some of these renovations this summer.

A student room, common area and bathroom, resident hall and SRA suite, now all ADA accessible, are modern and revived. A grand total of $225,000 was spent to update Hamlin, with the automatic sinks and flushing toilets, and freshly decorated common areas.

“Campion [renovations] will be next year,” Dietz said.

Although Campion received $93,000 donation to upgrade the Campion Classroom last year, the residence hall will not be excluded from renovations.

Bernet, the apartment style living residence hall, also received a $75,000 face lift.

The third floor received new carpet and paint in the halls as well as in each individual room. The first and second floors were also re-carpeted and painted, but only in the hallways. The rest will be completed next year.

The remaining three residence halls, Murphy, Dolan and Pacelli, were formatted for the use of FOBS.

“All residence halls have them now. It’s [a good] security issue”, Dietz said.

If a FOB is lost, it can be easily be turned off because it is all computer controlled.

Yet another new renovation that may not be as noticeable are the roofing and masonry repairs for the Boler School of Business, Grasselli Library, Sutowski Hall, Millor Hall, Rec Plex and Dolan Science Center.

Sutowski was also used as a guinea pig for the most modern renovation yet. Sutowski’s new patio is heat censored.

“Snow and ice will automatically melt,” Dietz says.

According to Dietz, this is not only beneficial to the students who live there, but also cuts back on the work for housekeeping because less snow and salt will be tracked into the building.

“This is a trial to see if it can be incorporated [throughout other places on campus],” Dietz said.

With the masonry work, roof work, and high-tech patio, Sutowski had a grand total of $225,000 to help bring the 1978 residence hall up to date.

During the school year, a few unnoted classrooms in the lower level of the Boler School of Business will be renovated as well, receiving new seating and carpeting.

“A lot of this is from the plant fund and donor gifts, or are funded out of the capital budget,” Dietz added.

The campus will continue to see renovations with FOB access into certain academic buildings starting in the winter, and new turf for the football field, as well as a new track next summer.

Dietz said, “It’s important that the university maintains and makes investments to the campus. It’s so beautiful, and that’s what attracts a lot of people to come here.”