These aren’t the best days

May 10th, 2010

“Aw man, make it last because these are the best days of your life.” 


How many times have older, seemingly “wiser” people come up to you and said that cliché line?  It’s been happening to me a lot lately, and I’m not buying it. 

What a grim outlook.  Why do these days have to be the best ones? 

As I sit here on the precipice of my (yours too) college graduation, I can’t help but engage in a bit of introspection.   

These past four years have been really good – great actually.  I’ve learned so much both inside the classroom and out.  The people I’ve met here are going to be friends of mine forever. 

I’ve made some good and bad decisions; I’ve learned from my mistakes and have ultimately become a different –  and hopefully better – person than I was when I checked in to Pacelli 310 four years ago.  

I’m done now. The $148,000 piece of paper is almost in my hand, and I’ve got to say that up to this point, these have been the best years of my life; but who knows what’s ahead. 

Sure, these are great days, but they’re not the best days. I’m about to start a completely new chapter in my life.  For better or worse, in a month, my life is going to be drastically different than it is today. I’m a big kid now, and you know what? I’m excited for it. 

I am going to make the next part of my life – whatever that may be – the best days of my life.  And after that, those will be the best ones.  Heck, by the time I’m done, JCU might be the worst times of my life.  If that’s the case, I’ll know I did something right. 

I don’t want to live my life dwelling on what was, I want to live it celebrating what is. If you live your life thinking about how bad it is now and how good it was then, you’ll never be happy. 

Go ahead, call me an idealist or a dreamer – or a socialist. But while you’re partying in the past, I’ll be pumped about the present! 

Alliteration aside, when I leave, I will hopefully be moving to a new city, getting a job, meeting new people and completely starting a new life.   Why aren’t more people excited for that? 

We are going to be college graduates. The world is our oyster! Yeah finding a job to pay for that oyster might be really, REALLY hard, but we stand to benefit from all this!

After the great days of my new life come,  something else will happen. Maybe American Idol? Maybe have kids? Maybe win the lottery! Maybe something really cool I don’t even know about!  But whatever it is, those will be my new best days. 

I think what I’m really saying is that you hold the power to make whatever you want the best days of your life. Now there’s an idea.  How cool is that! 

I don’t plan on choosing which were my best days until I’m on my deathbed – and hopefully, if I follow what I just laid out, it’ll be a tough choice.  

So, the next time someone tells me that these are the best days of my life, I’m going to tell them, “FALSE! I’m just getting started!”