Rehabbing the addiction

May 10th, 2010

This is my last column, maybe not ever, but at least for The Carroll News. Even though my reign has been brief, it’s been great. I’ve plugged self-acceptance, human rights, and “Glee.” But I’ve never promoted myself. As someone who needs a job in journalism for the summer in order to build my portfolio, I thought I would use my resources to get my name out there.

I’m Lena Chapin. I am graduating from John Carroll University with a double major in English and communications with a focus on writing. I’m just kidding.

Rather, I thought I’d be all nostalgic and sentimental by sharing with you some of my favorite memories of the past four years. That gets boring though, so I’ll limit it to five.

Freshman year: The dance parties and Rhapsody Blue-stalking tendencies of the Murphy 4W will go down in history and be forever relived via YouTube. Camp out on Murphy Lawn during Senior Week?

Sophomore Year: I developed a taste for cinnamon tea and Kit-Kats, as well as other things, with my Facebook wife, Margaret Gleeson, and the rest of my “night time friends.” I’m so stoked for the second cap and gown party. 

Junior Year: Spending hours upon hours on the broken pink futon listening to Matt Nathanson with my roommate Laura. As it turns out, her torn ACL and my general laziness really came in handy considering JCU brought him to campus not once, but twice. It only reaffirmed my love for this school.

Senior Year: Karaoke nights at the Purple Shamrock have never failed to be a good time. Whether I knew the words or not, everything from Bootylicious to Otis Redding has been belted on Carroll News-free Tuesday nights. I’ve found that there is nothing better than having all of your roommates, most of your friends, and your fellow Blue Streaks in two tiny rooms with corn hole and microphones.

Overall: Realizing that the year was full of last-firsts (day of school, Jake’s Night, etc.) and first-lasts (Labrepalooza, Sweet Carrollines concert, time I’ll see three-fourths of you) and taking full advantage of it. And by full, I mean full; check my GPA if you don’t believe me. (Dad, I’m kidding.)

 Wasn’t that fun? The great senior struggle with column writing is whether to go out with humor, or seriousness, or take the typical route and try to provide those of you who are left to carry on the legacy with advice. I think that Baz Luhrmann and Mary Schmich took the cake with the departing advice realm, so I won’t attempt to repeat that. (For those of you who I completely lost with that please do  yourselves a favor and watch “Everyone’s Free [To Wear Sunscreen]” on YouTube). However, I will say a few things that I wish someone had told me.

Don’t let college ruin your love of recreational reading.

If there is ever anything going on in the Atrium, participate. If there is nothing going on, turn on the Jukebox and start a dance party. I personally recommend 1007.

Your professors really are awesome. Start dropping in on them early. They give great advice, and it’s a lot easier to come in late for class if they know what is going on in your life.

You’ve only got four years. It will seem so slow and so fast at the same time. Say what you want to say. Do the things that make you and others happy. Be friendly, and read the entire Carroll News every week (or at least op/ed and diversions).