Is awkward

May 6th, 2010

Not too long ago my friends and I were leaving the cafeteria. When we turned the corner a large group of people were headed toward us. Not thinking, afraid of getting in their way, and actually trying to avoid an awkward moment, I dodged to the side to get out of their way. I reacted as though they were going to attack me. My friends died laughing, as did the boys walking past.

After the Sweet Carrollines and Rhapsody Blue concert I walked to the Dolan parking lot looking for my car that a friend had parked. I decided to locate it faster by hitting the panic button on my keys. After several attempts there was still no sound. Finally, lights started to flash and the horn honked.

Already feeling obnoxious for using my panic button to find my car, I loudly announced to the parking lot, “Don’t worry, I found my car.” I turned to my friend and we began to walk toward my car. As we headed that way, so did three guys. We then watched as they got into the car and I smiled and said, “Well, guess I didn’t find my car, but you did. Congrats!” – Yes, it was somewhat embarrassing.

At the end of the night we had to go get the girl who parked my car and when we finally located it I didn’t announce it to the parking lot, but for anyone who was there, you can rest assured we found my car. I also successfully filled that night’s quota of awkwardness.

I’m not complaining, being awkward makes my life much more interesting than it would be otherwise. My lack of athletic ability, dancing skills, and height all add to the quality of my life. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Google has an endless source of ways to combat my awkward tendencies, but what fun would that be? Instead I have reached my own conclusion. 

The solution to living a less awkward life is to surround yourself with more awkward people. 

Hello friends, you are all part of my life for a reason: you’re awkward. (And if you’re not, hang out  with me long enough and you will  become awkward. It is my gift to you.)

In the past month my best friends on campus have caused many awkward moments of their very own. One of my friends closed her own arm in her trunk and had a nice bruise to prove it. When asked how she dealt with stress, another one of my friends told her interviewer that she ate feelings, preferring chocolate or junk food. (She got the job.)

My best friend from home tackled another small blonde girl at our high school homecoming football game because she thought it was me – It wasn’t. 

So, as I live my life I will continue to fall up steps, say things I don’t mean, panic that my shirt is on inside out, create new more awkward moments, and surround myself with even weirder people.