Don’t throw it away, give it away

May 6th, 2010

John Carroll’s “Don’t Throw It Away, Give It Away” event presents the opportunity for students and faculty to donate items during finals week that they would otherwise throw away. All donated items will go towards John Carroll International Immersion trips, Cleveland area charities, and the Cleveland Food Bank. 

Junior resident assistant Kristen Jantonio said, “‘The Don’t Throw It Away, Give It Away’ event is an end of the year collection, and we are encouraging people to think twice about what they are throwing away and donate things that can be used by someone else.” 

Jantonio pointed to its convenience as well.

“Sometimes at the end of the year people don’t want to take some items home, so they throw it away. Why not donate [the items] so someone else can get good use out of it too?” she said.

Anything that is in good condition can be donated with the exception of furniture this year.

Reusable items, non-perishable food, gently-used clothes and shoes, unopened toiletries and school supplies (except notebooks) are all accepted for this event.  With this, dirty or torn clothing, open or perishable food, and broken objects are not accepted.

Students in residence halls are encouraged to donate items to this event.  Donations should be brought to the Student Center Atrium.

John Carroll’s Campus Ministry is heavily involved with this collection.  

Pacelli Hall Resident Minister Lauren Fraser said, “For the past few years the resident ministers have sponsored an end of the year collection; we have always been overwhelmed with people’s generosity and needed more hands, especially with our staff being downsized from last year to this year.”

With the downsizing of staff, Residence Life has stepped in to play a part in this year’s collection.  

Fraser said, “This year, Res Life has been an integral role of planning how to collect the great donations and distribute them to places that are in the most need around the city of Cleveland.” 

Assistant Director of Residence Life John Mack said, “To help reduce the amount of trash that is generated at the end of the year, we will be collecting clothing, household goods, and non-perishable food items in the Atrium during the week of finals. We want students to donate items rather than throw them away in the dumpsters.”

Along with donations to various Cleveland-area charities, some of the items given to the collection may contribute to JCU immersion trips.

“Although it’s possible, depending on the donations, that some items may make their way to people JCU students will visit during May immersion experiences,” said Fraser.

Members of the John Carroll community do not need to be a part of Campus Ministry or Residence Life to be a part of the “Don’t Throw It Away, Give It Away” collection.  All students can donate.  

Fraser described how this collection event is a way for students to give to the community.  Any extra clothes, leftover school supplies and food are ways to contribute.  

“As you start packing up your current room for the summer, honestly look at your wealth of possessions. Is there a shirt, skirt, pants, etc. that you honestly haven’t worn this year? You most likely won’t wear it, if you haven’t in the past 12 months.” said Fraser. 

When packing to travel home after finals, save some room in  boxes and more room for a summer wardrobe and donate gently used items to the “Don’t Throw It Away, Give It Away” collection.

Mack anticipates a great outreach from JCU students to meet the needs of others in the community, or those with an involvement with JCU immersion experiences.  Expectations are high for this event. 

“Our goal is to collect enough donation to fill enough boxes that if stacked would reach higher than the Clock Tower on the AD building.  We will be tracking this progress in the Atrium all next week,” said Mack

Along with this goal, Mack said, “Our hope is to decrease the amount of belongings that are thrown away each year that can be reused, recycled or help feed area families.”

Fraser reminds the JCU community that the donations given will affect those who donate as well as those who receive the donations.

“We are so lucky that most of us will be able to buy a new shirt or appliances later in life. Other folks don’t always have that opportunity,” Fraser said.

For more information on the “Don’t Throw It Away, Give It Away” collection contact the Office of Residence Life at 216-397-4408 or