Bike program paves green path

May 6th, 2010

John Carroll University’s Environmental Issues Group is working with the city of University Heights to bring a program to the University that allows students to borrow bicycles for personal use. 

The bike program is a praiseworthy endeavor that demonstrates dedication to personal wellness and sustainability and synergizes the resources of JCU, University Heights and EIG.

We applaud the students involved in EIG for taking the initiative to develop this program and for working to find funding through grants and donations. These students exhibit a knack for resourceful planning and commitment to bringing green initiatives to JCU. 

We commend University Heights Mayor Susan Infeld for supporting the efforts of EIG and the City for donating 28 bikes. The donations are generous gifts that reflect the City’s willingness to collaborate with JCU. 

The JCU administration approved winter storage space for the bikes in the Dolan Science Center garage. We recognize the University for helping EIG bring the program to fruition, as well. 

The program will begin next fall. At that time, EIG must continue to promote the bike program and educate the JCU community about sustainability. Student awareness is required to make the program worthwhile and beneficial. 

EIG must also follow through with their plan to use the bikes during JCU’s Ride For Miles event and to develop recreational programs. 

Students should support the efforts of their peers by renting the bicycles. Using the program demonstrates commitment to Earth-friendly practices and physical fitness. 

Also, student support of the program is likely to encourage the