MTV’s ‘16 and Pregnant’ is more than just teen drama

April 29th, 2010

Being a photographer for many different events, I am usually surrounded by little kids at one point or another during my photography jobs. I am always tempted to take photos of them, but I always feel like I am creeping on them, so I usually don’t.  

I have always been obsessed with little kids for some reason, but I know that having to take care of a child while being a teenager would be one of the most difficult jobs imaginable.  

This reminds me of a show on MTV that my roommates and I have recently become entranced by, the hit “16 and Pregnant.” Sometimes the dumbest shows end up being the best shows.  

Picture a show with high school girls, too much sex, disappointed parents, and broken relationships; these words describe “16 and Pregnant” in a nutshell.

Although the drama may seem obnoxious at times, “16 and Pregnant” is a show that needs to be aired on MTV.  Personally, I think it is good that the media is trying to step in and take a stand on issues like teenage pregnancy.  

There have been multiple shows such as “Teen Mom” and “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” that emphasize the struggles that teen mothers have to face.  

I do not understand how so many teenagers are so blind to the realities of life. They do not understand the consequences of their actions.  Some of the girls on this show are lucky and have a boyfriend who is very supportive, but others are left to raise their babies alone. Some girls chose to give their babies up for adoption, which to many parents, seems like the best option.

Can you imagine being in high school and having to deal with the stress of having a baby?  I can’t. Not only do the girls’ peers view them differently, but they also may lose friends in the process, as well as have to put their dreams and goals on hold for later in their life. 

The reason why I think that “16 and Pregnant” is a show that teenagers need to watch is for the obvious reason: they need to see what can happen when reality sets in.  Almost all of the girls on the show say at one point or another, “I never thought it would be this difficult.”  How could they ever think it would be easy to raise a child?  

Raising a child, especially at a young age, takes over these girls’ lives. Having a child should be a joyful experience, not one that must be dealt with because of irresponsible decisions.

Even though little kids are adorable, anyone who has ever babysat knows that giving the kids back to their parents at the end of the night is a wonderful feeling of relief.  Not to sound like I am giving a sex-ed lecture or like someone’s mother, but students, I am advising you to think about your actions more carefully. One night can change the rest of your life.  

For anyone that has had to learn the hard way, I commend you for staying strong and doing the best that you can in your given situation. 

For others, I hope that you either already are aware of the consequences of your actions or watch “16 and Pregnant.”  

As I continue to photograph events around campus and as little kids run past me, I remember the struggles of teen mothers.  Please don’t put yourself in that situation.